Choosing Your Travel Shoes and Packing Light is just one heck of another factor when backpacking. Of course, you want to travel light but then again, we have to think about the function of the footwear and not just all about fashion (but don’t entirely throw away style).

How to Choose Your Travel Shoes and Pack Light?


Think about the following points:

>Function – Make sure you have something that you can wear for extensive walking, for everyday use, or if you love to trek, and active sports.

>Convenience– And I’m talking about packing light, because packing all your shoes for all occasions isn’t smart enough. Try bringing pairs with more function (light material made is great too).

>Style – Of course, choose something that would still tell something about you.

In my case, I carry only 2 pairs with me when I’m backpacking. Combining all three points mentioned above, I think I got them all covered. Curious of what I have with me?



I have my sandals everywhere I go, comfortable enough to be used as my everyday flip-flops and stylish enough to wear with dress on a night out or a walking tour.


I’m not talking about Filipino rubber shoes (sneakers/trainers), but I’m referring to shoes made from plastic, rubber, or jelly materials. Yet, I won’t compromise comfort and function. I use this for a semi-formal gathering that I get to ‘accidentally’ have to attend to. These shoes protected my itchy feet on different kinds of weather and outdoor activities.

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