We all know that high waist fashion is hot at the moment.  From skirt, jeans, slacks, to dresses, everything are design to look high waist-ed this season.  Even accessories are being added to some clothes to appear the effect of the fashion trend.  Most popular accessory used for this matter are the belts, and now coming up to rule the trend is, the corset style belts(is the new season trend!).

There are different styles of this trend. I’m talking about the ‘high waist’ fashion, yeah?.  On skirts we have tulip shaped and short balloon high waist skirt.  Having troubles in choosing what to wear? what skirt will fit or lookd good on you?  No need to worry, just read on.

(Image from my.opera.com)

Tulip or Short Balloon High Waist Skirt?

Wear Tulip Skirt if you… have curvy figure, as the tulip shape enhances the look of your voluptuous body or slim yet curvy vitality. While,…

Wear Short Balloon Skirt if you… don’t have curvy waist, to create the figure illusion.

Although tulip high waist is classy, the balloon skirt is preppy and casual.  This is however just a guide but if you can use some tricks to pull them together then rules should be negated (there are no rules wt* I am talking about?! lol).

(Image from symbianize.com)

Dress or Pants High Waist?

High waist dresses would have the same effect of the skirts, some dresses are more classy and easy to wear because you don’t need to mix and match a top and a skirt.  Floral high waisted dress looks awesome in Spring and Summer season though.

Pants such as slacks and jeans that are high waist-ed looks awesome depending on the occasion.  Slacks can be worn formally in the office or casually when out for a night out.  Jeans however, looks awesome if you find the right match!

Before I forget, high waists looks cool on most footwear whether it be flats, stilettos, wedges, and sometimes sneakers.  Fashionistas know what they want and what suits your personality so just be guided with these tips but wear your own attitude!

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