(Few hours before leaving KK)

DAY 7 of my 8-day holiday. Since I moved to this hostel near the beach, the plan was just to chill out at the beach which was few steps away.  I woke up quite late at 10am, I was a little tired from yesterday’s island hopping hostel changing activity.

Chill Out with Roomies

I heard the guys are going to get something to eat, and I said I will join them if they would let me.  Arnold and Sean were cool to wait for my 3 minute quick toothbrush-wash-up to get ready and that surprised Arnold how quick I was to get ready straight from my bed (I know it would take time for a girl to get ready, but I know when and where to do my typicals lol).

So we ended up having brunch at a local restaurant, Arnold took a buffet meal for 4RM and since there’s not much choices I ordered the Sizzling Beef from their menu which is 7RM that we all shared, Sean ordered Sizzling Chicken with Bean Curd at the same price that he shared too aside from his small buffet meal (Oh, Sean is a big man so don’t wonder).

Sean took off from the restaurant straight to the islands, it was almost 11:30am and I told him he needs to be at the terminal early if he wants to do several islands, bring some water and food because the price is gold at the islands, I told him I might see him later at the islands if I decided to go and see Sapi Island.

(Borneo Beach House’s Dorm Beds)

Arnold and I was left behind, he was nice enough to show me the beach since him and Sean went there this morning.  He said its not a place to swim though because it stinks but the sunset view there is amazing.  True to his words the beach looks amazing with beige fine sand but it smells like sewage.  After a few chitchats, Arnold started to pack up back in the hostel as he was flying back to the Philippines that day.

(Kuya Mahc and Me at Mamutik Island)

Another Island Trip

After I changed for my island suits and shirt, Arnold said he would walk with me as we are heading the same road (the airport is just few blocks away from our hostel) and I have to walk to the bus terminal going to the city, he bids farewell at the intersection going to the airport.  Meanwhile, I was lucky to see some locals at a bus stop, they told me bus can arrive to the terminal anytime now, and it did.  From the bus terminal, I walked to the ferry terminal (NOTE: locals are always surprised everytime I tell them I walked that distance, I understand though, I used to be a lazy walker then. The distance might 1-2km away, and I don’t think I’d walk that far in Manila).

From the terminal, since I arrived at 1PM I have to wait for other tourists they said that are going to Sapi Island, I’m okay with that, I roam around and see what interesting stuff I’ll find at the shops nearby.  After an hour, they approached me again and asked if I want to go back to Mamutik Island instead because it was the trip they have that time, I said yes. When I rode the boat, it was just me going to Mamutik so I have the whole boat for myself, kinda confusing but I thought, Sweet! I didn’t bring my camera anymore, it died after I took a video of my solo trek in Manukan for some reason so I have no proof I have the boat all to myself and the boat guy.

(Sunset view from the sky)

I saw Kuya Mac and everyone, again they lend me the snorkeling gears for free! Aren’t they cool? They are.  That time, that bully fish did not bite me much, I notice that it bites only when I have my feet down but if I’m swimming and floating, it does not.  I saw Sean when I was about to leave and he told me about the fish bites too! It freaked him out, who would not? I have lots of fish bite marks on my legs from yesterday.

I went back with Sean to the ferry terminal, he joined me to get a good Vietnamese meal at Peppermint and he was cool to go with me to the Filipino Market (not the food market but the souvenir shops) and then he left to find Internet Cafe to update his Facebook (I’m just assuming about the Facebook thingy, that’s the usual backpackers itinerary).  I bought some cool bamboo pens I saw from Arnold to give my office mates, I wanted to get 2 packs but my budget would not last me until tomorrow if I do, I bought 1 pack of it, its got 10 pieces of cool pens that I found out doesn’t work, no ink.

Meeting Another Angel, Jenny!

After that, I walked to the terminal and was lucky to see LTT 16A bus parked ( I didn’t have to wait hours again). I asked the lady in front if the bus is heading to the airport, she nodded, asked her if she’s Filipina and she said yes.  From then on we didn’t stop chatting, she asked me questions and back, she told me she’s staying in a condo near my hostel and invited me over to swim with her at their condo’s swimming pool.  I, on the other hand, still wearing a bit damp shorts and swim suit would not decline that offer.

(Photo credit: http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/tt/9de60/)

We went to Tanjung Aru beach again just to watch the amazing sunset (which was a shame because my camera died), the purply-pink-orange sky looks enchanted, so surreal that beats the magical sunset in Krabi (less the swimmable beach though). Munching a Malaysian ‘Kikiam’ dumplings (fried ground pork and veggies wrapped in bean curd), we continue chatting and watch the beautiful sunset.

We head to her condo soon after that and she got ready for our pool bonding time.  Her name is Jen, I call her Ate (ah-teh) Jen because she’s older than me.  Ate Jen asked me to come over the next day morning to swim again and offered to cook lunch for me (Wow! I’m lucky the whole trip hey, meeting these  amazing people along the way, Angels, as I call them) and I would deffo come back for that offer next day.

I think I came back 10:30PM at the hostel and met another roomate from Germany( I guess I was too tired to remember his name), had a shower, I was updating Facebook when Sean came in, the German guy left to get some food, told Sean how I got lucky and he agreed how lucky I was.  Sean said, he’s leaving the next day to see the Orangutans and its few hour trip from the city.

(Ate Jen’s Condo where we hang out most of the time)

Ate Jen and Me Day

Early in the morning, I set my stuff and packed, checked out from my hostel and went to Ate Jen’s condo. She really cooked for me!  A yummy Sauteed Shrimps with herbs, Sardine Omelet, Rice, and Coffee was all set on her dining table I feel so blessed and thankful how I get to meet people like Ate Jen.

(Ate Jen’s Brunch Menu, yummy!!!)

I spent my remaining hours in Kota Kinabalu with Ate Jen, we swam until I got roasted (aside from the roasting moments at the islands), checked Facebook, my blogs, and then guess what? She went with me at the airport too and the meal I ordered in KFC, she did not accept my money to pay it. What a treat!  I could not stop thanking Ate Jen, just like how I could not stop thanking the families, people who were so kind to me wherever I go… Like Ate Beckz and Family in Singapore,Friends and sisters in Singapore, Cantos Family in Italy, Team Canada in Krabi, Rainbow Roommates in Bangkok, Team Jamie in Brunei, and Ate Jen in KK. Unforgettable people.

It was an awesome trip and it made me think how I missed traveling alone to meet, see and feel amazing experiences like this, wondering when I will do that again, longer.  I am looking forward on that moment…


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