Chillin’ out in Saigon is pretty cool when you’re in a cafe that offers free movies.  Saigon is one big city that you can’t just went too far from your guesthouse without a map.  Why? Geeezz, I did it yesterday and got lost!!! from the very busy street and unbelievable motorbikes everywhere,I was getting frustrated how to get back to the backpackers area.  I’ve tried asking the locals but they didn’t know the Bui Vien St. where the mini hotel alley is…good thing I came across a digital map along the street. Whew! That was cool for Saigon! It helped me find my way back to the hotel street.

So, I think chillin’ out in a restaurant that offers good movie in Saigon is the best thing to do!.. 😀 Isn’t Saigon cool.

Chillin' Out in Saigon

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