Chic Furniture by Kenneth Cobonpue

Style is not just all about fashion, there are a lot of branches that exudes style and chic quality of living.  Everybody’s home lifestyle is dictated by our personality.  Oh! Specially women, as we are the ones who are in charge of making our home sweet home.  Chic furniture is part of it.

Chic Furniture by Kenneth Cobonpue

Women are not just into making themselves look good, but we, women knows that when Chic Furniture by Kenneth Cobonpueour home looks good, it is easy to live in and it feels good living in a homey place if you decorate it right.  Also, what important factors that we should remember on everyday living is caring for our environment and going renewable, natural, and organic.

An artistic and award winning furniture designer from Philippines, Kenneth Cobonpue has made his way in making his name reknowned almost all over the world for his craftiness,

Chic Furniture by Kenneth Cobonpue

creativeness, talent, and love for style & nature.  Using what his country, Philippines is abundant with, he uses all these resources to make the mark of Filipinos be truly remarkable in chic furniture throughout the world scene.

His designs have won tons of awards from Asia, US, and Europe making everyone realize that Kenneth Cobonpue’s Chic Furnitures have been marking itself to the kingdom of chic lifestyle of people anywhere in the world.

(Images from Kenneth

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