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Nasi Ayam

Of course when you’re travelling you know you will spend some money yeah?  Therefore, you have to make use of your bargaining and hunting skills to get you further than your budget and if time can allow, extend your trip.  Always travel cheap, that’s my motto to see more places and explore new things.  Why not? There are lots of ways on how to travel cheap and achieve the same goal.

What’s The Cheapest Meal?

Nasi Ayam was the cheapest meal we found.  Nasi Ayam is fried chicken and rice with a little sweet and spicy sauce wrapped in a brown paper(traditionally it should be banana leaves).  Rice meal for B$1 (PHP 35) is not bad to fill you up.  Most food places offer drinks from the same prices too.

You can get even cheaper by going to the supermarket at the Yayasang Building and get yourself some groceries there for cheaper.  Sliced Fruits are at the same price there, 1.5L of water is B$.65 and other snacks for less than a Brunei Dollar.  That is how we rolled in Brunei for 2 days.


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