Help Me Fulfill My Birthday Charity Job!

Charity Job for My Birthday! Help! My Birthday is coming up on the 31st of May and I want to help kids that are suffering Malnutrition due to poverty and lack of health care help.  The other day, I got an invite from a friend to help this cause.  I thought this is a great way to celebrate my birthday, helping a struggling soul to live their chance.

Kill Poverty

Kids Suffering from Starvation Needs OUR Help

I saw facebook’s Birthday Cause and so I joined it as my Birthday Charity job.  I realize birthday’s isn’t all about ourselves, isn’t just taking.  It is also giving.  In however way I could help, I want to help.  I realize that my blog could be a great tool to help these kids dying from starvation because of the extreme poverty in the extreme areas.

$10 USD, Small Amount to Help Big Time

Charity Job for My Birthday! Help!

All I ask is for all those with kind hearts to donate $10 USD to save these kids or simply join the cause and help us spread the word that these kids need OUR help!  $10 USD is just 2 orders of your Starbucks’ Mocha Latte, a piece of your  fashionable shirt, or just a meal worth of these kids’ lives.  Small amount to help big time to these kids who are dying from malnutrition.  Help them live longer and live their chance!

I hope to help this Philippine Foundation Charity from the group of Doctor’s in US who are widely helping kids forgotten by the Government.  They are the ones who made this cause their full-time charity job for themselves to reach out and care more than the government does.

Have the Heart to Help, Donate and Join Us Spread the Word!

Please Donate

(Click Image Above to Help!)

Forget about me and my birthday, Let’s Help these kids to live.  We need you to donate or Join the cause! We have to do something! We have to act, and we have to do it NOW!

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2 thoughts on “Charity Job for My Birthday! Help!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. that is a very kind move to help other people especially in need. keep it up and GOD bless u more 🙂

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