Charice have had a hard way to the top, but now that she’s there flying all over the world and her songs chart topping every charts, it is not unbelievable.  Not unbelievable with her unbelievable talent and aura hey!


What can I say? As a fashion blogger I can only say that it is not just her career that was upgraded but her fashion style as well.  Filipinos are naturally fond of fashion and not to my surprise, Charice is now faced with A-Listers in Hollywood, High End Fashion people, she is now exposed to the world.  Influences of these people she has an improving fashion statement coming up.  I reckon she’ll be like Rihanna in fashion sense hey, she will be a trend setter on her own.

Well, she have set all ears and eyes on her when she sings, its not bad when audience will not just only enjoy her voice but her fashion as well!  I love Charice! I really do!  Congratulations Charice!  Here’s her Official Video of Pyramid ft. Iyaz.

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3 thoughts on “Charice’s Fashion and Career Upgrade!

  1. Charice’s star really shines brighter in international skies. This one come’s from a regular Pinoy to another.

    I bumped into your blogsite thru technorati.


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