Charice Pempengco still soaring high on reaching her dreams!!! Gosh! It’s really amazing how she is now mingling with the best artists in the world ever. I envy her, geeeeeeeeezzzz…… I always wanted to sing, perform infront of a great audience, and with the most famous people in the music industry.

“Filipinos great pride! Applause to Charice!”

She got it all! I am proud to be a Filipino that way, hommies are starting to make their name in whatever field. Whether its music, movies, theater, arts, fashion, etc… Filipino talents are now recognized throughout the world.


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One thought on “Charice Pempengco still Soaring High

  1. It’s great to see Charice doing what she loves. I remember watching her on various US shows last year. I’ve enjoyed your blog…thanks to Twitter!


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