Last few days, I noticed how the Facebook wall posts are flooded how good Charice was on GLEE,  I am a big fan of Charice so I would not let it pass!  I quickly checked out You Tube for the episode were most people are talking about.  Guess what?! She’s awesome!

Truly now I realize why most Filipinos are like, “Charice is one of the reason why I’m proud to be a Filipino!”.  Hell yeah, watching her performs in Glee gave me goosebumps again and again…  It is sooo funny how Rachel says  ” Oh so you don’t speak English!” hahaha! (no offense fellow Pinoys, it just reminds me of same incident happened to me! lol) Oh well, I am proud to be Filipino as well! Isn’t she great?! Enjoy her Glee performance!

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