(The Manorah Cruise)

(While she sleeps)

2 more days and we are heading to the Southern Thailand(probably there at the time you are reading this) to start a full time English Teaching job.  Chris wanted to do something before we leave, the first two plans we had did not push through which were either going to the Floating Market or spending time in a beach town called Hua Hin.  It was either I am not in the mood for it, or just having a lazy day.

(Before departure)

(Antara Free boat ride for hotel’s tenants)

The moving made us want to do something here in Bangkok and for some reason, all I thought about was to get some great photo shots of Bangkok’s tourist destination.  I started checking out express boats and tourist spots around the stations, as well as the dinner cruises. At first, I chose a hotel style dinner cruise but Chris wanted different, he suggested the Rice Barge, I just thought it was not going to get me the good night shots.  It was an interesting barge to do since it seems more exotic for him but since I got into the idea of dinner cruise, the goal of taking night shots of the Bangkok tourist spots kicked in.  Rice barge only go on day time cruises, so we searched other options and took the Manorah Cruise instead.

(Thai in costume and Filipina with her hand weaved Sagada belt)

(Manorah Cruise’s Interior)

The cruise will depart from Antara Resort & Spa in Thonburi every night at 7:30pm-9:30pm.  A 2-hour cruise along Chao Phraya River, the so called “Venice of The East”.  Antara Resort & Spa itself is an impressive resort, elegant, and beautiful.  However, we found it a bit annoying not finding our name on the list of the reserved seats when we have reserved it online and received the confirmation in the email (our bad that we didn’t printed out the confirmation).

Anyway, soon enough we were told that we were good to board.  They put orchid corsage on us and a they took a photo of us with a pretty Thai woman in their traditional Thai costume.  When boarded the cool and beautiful Thai boat, they gave us the framed photo they took us, everyone’s have an option to buy it or not but Chris opted to buy it which I really really love.

As the boat started to float, the crew started serving the food. It wasn’t great I thought, it wasn’t worth the food and the service.

(Cool presentation of the appetizers)

(I only enjoyed their starters, the most)

(Main Course)

The appetizers were terrible, the starters, the soup Tom Yum was fine for me, but the 4 main courses… only the scallops got my vote. Other than the amazing view and the cool traditional native boat, the over all rate for the cruise was ‘okay’.  Don’t get me wrong, I had an amazing night! It is just the worth of the price paid to the service and food served that was really disappointing.  Tourist spot night shots will be posted next and some tips on how to travel along the river for the photo shots on a budget.  Keep reading!


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8 thoughts on “Chao Phraya’s Manorah Dinner Cruise

  1. Hua Hin is okay, but really over-developed – basically a load of Swedish restaurants and hotels along the stretch of beach. I like places further down the coast a lot more, like Ban Krut – wilderness, monkeys and fantastic temples to come across. And the train journey is always nice.

    I need to spend more time in the south next time I’m in Thailand, especially now the rain season’s over.

  2. It’s happened to me too, on a dinner and entertainment cruise in Istanbul. I guess, you best forget about the food and enjoy the landscape, although you can have that cheaper during the day.

    1. True, I am just after the night shots. and yes, we could have done it half the price during the day but I’ve got the beautiful night shots which are priceless!

  3. Interesting post and some nice pictures too! For a few other ideas about eating out in Bangkok, your readers could read ‘Diverse dining experiences in Thailand’s capital’, a tongue in cheek, seven stop guide to dining experiences which range from the unforgettable to the altruistic.

  4. I really liked the pictures about the food. Looks soooo delicious! Hope you enjoyed 🙂

  5. Why is it that dinner cruises have such terrible food? I suppose it may be because they think the people who visit their tour won’t be back a second time so they don’t rely on repeat business. It’s unfortunate though. New York’s dinner cruise also had terrible food. But the views were well worth it.


    1. Round the world cruise are different though, I used to work on a cruise ship and they have amazing food choices there. Maybe because passengers stay longer and they are avoiding whiny cruisers in that matter. It won’t be a good cruise if they would have unhappy passengers cruising with them in few days.

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