(The outdoor temple)

(Entrance to the cool outdoor temple)

After we went to the Dharma Temple, we drove to another big temple which they called “Chaiya Temple”.  The temple is named after the town, Chaiya.  The interior and architecture seems like the exact replica of the Grand Palace less the Reclining Buddha and the Royal Palace.

(The altar of the outdoor temple)

(Golden buddha around the temple)

The difference is the three big buddhas cross sitting at the side of the temple, and as Chris told me to get into the other building because its cool, I did.  Curious to see what’s in there it was and outdoor temple the replicates the one in the Grand Palace, the corridor has tons of Golden Buddhas too and at the middle, it boasts a great shrine that acts as the main altar.

(Three Buddhas at the left side of the entrance)

Chaiya’s version is more detailed than the Grand Palace one, it more peaceful because there is not much tourists there but us.  That’s just that.

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