After writing the PART I, I promised I will write the PART II of Female Celebrity Hairstyles and so here it is, the Celebrity Female Hairstyles Now on its Part II!  Unlike the Part One that was centered on Haircuts, this is more of the stylish you can do to fix your hair to look good.

Celebrity Female Hairstyles Now on its Part II

Celebrities do that a lot, maybe 5 hairstyling or more in the day depends on how many events they have to attend and activity a day.  It is obviously because they are public personalities and they always have to look great as people see them as models.  Different Women’s Hairstyles on different occasions, and some can work versatile, meaning flexible on events and occasions.

Princess Hairstyle

The Princess Hairstyle

The Princess Hairstyle is the classic look of Fairytale Princesses. Cinderella, Belle, Jasmin, Ariel, and all of them wears on their best moments in our Fairytale Stories.  Not only our Disney Princesses, but Real Royalties wears them on Special Royal Events.  Not to mention Celebrities wear any hairstyle they can to look amazing in public.

Fringed Tie Hairstyle

Fringed Tie Up

This classy hairstyle is the Modern Hairstyle.  Fringed Tied is chic and stylish that is best to wear with dresses and gowns.  We always see them wore by the present young Fashion Icons such as Nicole Richie, Lauren Conrad, and Supermodels like Tyra Banks, etc…  The Fringe Tie are recommended for people with broad forehead to neutralize the facial shape.

Half-Tied Hairstyle

Half-Tied Hairstyle

Half-tied is the easy-fix hairstyle that anyone can do yet still look great. Allowing half amount of your hair fall on your back and tying half of it back  up will look at its best with few tricks.  Thalia’s falling strands at the sides, and Penelope’s clean half-tie are the choices you can choose from to fit the look to your personality.

Full Tied Up Hairstyle

Full Tied-Up

Full Tied-Up Hairstyle can also be considered as Princess Hairstyle, only it is the clean style.  Different tricks can be done like creating fluffy top, clean tight pull up, and you can do twists and turns with accessories.  Full tie can just be a simple pony tail with twists to look absolutely stunning.

These Hairstyles can go beyond what I can write about depending on your creativity or your hairstylist skills to produce new look using different tricks and tools.  An image of your chosen hairstyle will get you clues how to do it yourself, reinvent it to suit your style and personality, but do not forget to  keep your hair healthy.  Enjoy styling and reinvent your look!

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