Last day of September 2010, when the You Tube video of dancing flight stewardesses of Cebu Pacific Air went viral online, it has gained millions of hits and made a total noise!  Yep, they made noise not only from the music and the audience’s applause but also from the ‘controversy’ that the act resulted according to the critics, competitors, and labor unions.

Different opinions were voiced out over the comment pages that the stewardess were tagged as a stripper for doing the dance on board, and according to Philippine Airlines’ Union, it is very degrading for the cabin crew to be tagged like those names and said been exploited by the act.   However, more and more were reacting with their different views on it.

In my opinion, they are cool!  Traveling have made me observe how airline passengers never pay attention to the safety demonstrations or even read the safety manuals which is for them.  I, as a former cabin stewardess on the ship was trained several times the importance of safety measures being demonstrated on board any (non-land or against gravity)long distance transportation vehicle.

People have never realized why most accidents never had much survivors because we ourselves does not want to take responsibility to our own safety.  In the end, politicians, family, and friends of the victims will end up blaming the company who have tried their best to help everyone.

What Would It Takes to Save a Person’s Life?

This is a life saving act!  What would it takes you to save a person’s life?  This is not killing, this is saving.  Isn’t it cool, rather than bad to have us the first to invent an idea to get people’s attention for a good purpose? The first time I saw the video all I noticed is that all passengers were paying attention, busy capturing them on videos and cameras.  Whether because they want to learn or be entertained, it is a moment they will NOT forget, and can be used in times of need.

Sometimes, we all forget to weigh the goodness of one act.  We are conditioned to be skeptic and doubt the ingenuity of everything around us, that always end up focusing on the negative rather than the positive effect of anything.  Comments I received the moment I posted it on Facebook were all positive, it is the ones with malicious minds who have issues and not the people who have good intentions.  Always check the intention first before contradicting, better yours to be in check first before others’.

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