How to Get Around Scottsdale?


Arizona, USA – Phoenix is the largest city of Arizona and the most populated city in the USA according to Wikipedia. Scottsdale is continuously growing as a city.  City that is known for its night life, home for technology companies, amazing weather that locals get so excited about, food, shopping, and nature.

Why not? Being new in the place, slowly understanding the country, people, and the local scene I learned that it doesn’t take too much to realize why locals take pride of their city and why they love it. Events are going on and on from October to June. Galleries, events, party, shopping, nature, and dining scenes in Scottsdale won’t bore you, really.

You’d want to know how to get around the city when you visit and just like how I want to do it, frugal ways to travel.  Scottsdale is very touristy too which means it could be a little pricey.  Old Town Scottsdale can be both pricey and on a budget, whichever way you want to go. Budget shouldn’t stop you from visiting the fancy cool Old Town Scottsdale because from happy hour for foodies, we also offer free rides and minimum fare mass transit.

  • Free Trolley – In Old Town Scottsdale where most parties and events are happening, there is always free trolley ride that arrives every 10 minutes and goes to four different routes. Check out HERE for more detailed routes and schedule.
  • Golf Carts – If you don’t want to wait 10 minutes, golf carts roam around anywhere in Old Town Scottsdale as well operating by tips only without flat rates. Be courteous and reasonable giving tips please. You can contact Trips 4 Tips for their golf cart service around Old Town Scottsdale: 602-488-7208. (Disclaimer: I am not paid for this, just helping out people like me finding other ways to get around Scottsdale. Please let them know you read it on Lyndsay’s blog.)
  • Metro Valley Bus – Mass transit bus where you can either pay exact fare on the bus or get 1 day ($2), 7 day ($20), or 31 day pass ($64) from local retailers like Walgreen’s and Circle K stores or online. Online metro tickets gets delivered in 7 days, if you need it before that, you have to get it from the retailers.
  • Uber – This is pretty much self explanatory. Download Uber app on your phone and start using it.
  • Taxi – Like Uber, it’s self explanatory. It has been around for a long time and they are everywhere.

Wipe Out Run in Scottsdale, Wiped Me Out!

Wipe Out Run

I bet you heard about the show Wipe Out, yes? Of course, you did! Last August 14th, they launched their own fun run in Arizona called Wipe Out Run held at the West World Scottsdale with approximately 10,000 participants which started from 7AM-2PM.  Groups starts every half an hour and you’ll get the idea of how many people who had a blast that day.

The run had 12 fun obstacles in 5k run and I tell you what, it didn’t even feel like we ran that distance from all the bouncing around this obstacles. Everyone were ready to get dirty, get splashed, and wiped out which makes it like a giant jumpy house for adults! If that doesn’t sounds fun for you, then I don’t know what does.

People who joined were a fun crowd, they appear at the venue dressed up  with their goofy, fun, and colorful costumes. It’s a fun excuse to be a goofball and just act like kids again. Kudos to the producers of the Wipe Out game show who brought this fun to the public.

We had a blast bouncing around the big balls, sliding on tubes, getting splashed at the wrecking ball, and diving in to the bubbles and foam! How about I let you watch a short compilation of how it was.  Enjoy!


Party Like A VIP, It’s Scottsdale Party!


It was a couple of days before the epic #ScottsdaleParty when my my husband keeps telling me about a VIP party which he signed up for with Scottsdale Restaurants.  I thought it was a normal dinner out. I did put on a little effort that I regretted afterwards, simply because I didn’t know what the event will be like. I look like I just got out of the bed to grab a bite and it turned out that it was THE Scottsdale Party! Meeting the guys behind it who are best known as The Three Generic Dudes: Troy, Chris, and Miguel looks like we will be seeing more of these guys in Scottsdale.  You want to join the party too? Then you should sign up and be a  VIP at!

Great food, music, fun, karaoke and I even won $25 Geisha A Go Go gift card!  Learned a little bit of how to make a sushi wrap! I won’t bore you too much of my story, let’s watch the video!





This is How We Party in The Wild Wild West – Desert Living

Wild Wild West

Cowboys, boots, hats, lassos, and the bull ride? You think that is how the wild wild west kind of living huh? You’re right! But don’t think everyone is serious because we sure know how to party here in Arizona. This is how we party in the wild wild west! Desert living isn’t just cacti and rattle snakes, we also boast a beautiful landscape, winter weather, sunsets, and cuisine.

The cuisine is influenced by Mexican food as well as the exotic variety that the desert is rich from. Pink Adventures Scottsdale, Why Do I Love Thee? invited us over at their awesome launch party showing everyone how we party in the west, it can be wild but it can also be fun!

The cowboy games got me going as I try out how to lasso, I wasn’t gutsy enough to try out the bull ride (maybe next time), photo booths and fun dress up photo opportunity made me giggle! The food was awesome and truly adventurous, rattlesnake chilli, finger licking ribs, beef brisket, tacos, nutella bars were just the few I enjoyed and wanted to keep coming back but the stunning sunset view and excitement to try to ride the hot air balloon was pulling me away from it. Soon enough, I found myself taking selfie videos while we were flying! Yay! But wait, that’s not all! I also won from the raffle, a Pink Adventures mug and T-Shirt, how could I not have fun with that?

Pink Adventure Tours – Scottsdale

The very iconic Pink Jeep is now in Scottsdale! They call themselves Pink Adventure Tours, offering half-day and full day tours to Grand Canyon and Sedona that you would surely enjoy. Check out their video below to find out how fun the tours would be!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post nor I have received any payment to write or promote the company.

5 New York City Guides


May not be your average New York City Guides but is very amusing to watch, take it seriously to survive (or not), whatever works for you. Fortunately (or unfortunately), these are mostly from BuzzFeed so enjoy watching it and hopefully prepare you for what’s ahead of you visiting the Big Apple, even if you’re budget for NYC trip is set to explore.

New York: Expectations vs. Reality

How To Not Look Like A Tourist In NYC

18 New York Facts Even New Yorker’s Don’t Know

How to Piss Off Every New Yorker in 36 Seconds

New York City Vs. Everywhere Else

10 Budget Places to Explore in New York City

New York City - Budget Things to Do

There are countless things to do in New York City may it be a food adventure, shopping, bar/club hopping, visiting museums, on a budget exploring mood, or simply having a lazy stroll in the city. New York didn’t disappoint my expectations and I’m overwhelmed by simply existing in the midst of wonderful chaos happening around me being in the city. Let’s not bore you with my stories and let’s enjoy New York’s photos!


Wild. Fun. Bright. Sounds like a promising future. It’s bright flickering lights are promising, it spark creative juices in my brain go crazy. I. LOVE. IT.



Ellis Island is a symbolic place for the country’s immigration, the immigrants passed through Port of New York in pursuit of the ‘American Dream’ in the past when flying isn’t a thing yet. Nearly a century has passed and I’ve finally get to be part of this history. Also, keep in mind that Ground Zero, Wallstreet, and Federal Hall (where Former President George Washington was inaugurated in 1789) is in the area if you wish to visit more significant places.



Honestly, this is the most liberating place in the city (other than shopping). I love the skating rink in the middle of the buildings and all I can think of is that this is an awesome place to hang out. You can work hard and play afterwards, maybe a little cheesy for New Yorkers but you’d find me here if I live here.



I can skip captioning this but I won’t, the terminal is really beautiful to do that. It’s preserved vintage appeal keeps my breath away that I soon I stepped out of the train and went to the center where the clock booth is. I can’t help myself but to keep turning, indulging my eyes and imagination to every movies and videos I’ve seen about it.



Reminds me of Spain’s ‘Sagrada Familia’ and Italy’s ‘Duomo di Milano’,  a Gothic architecture and well crafted edifice can’t make me stop admiring the artists who made this. The time and effort to build it artistically.  Unfortunately during my visit, the interiors were being renovated.



The geek hub of the city, New York City Public Library is another time traveling place that pulls you back in time you’ve never been. Paintings on the walls and ceiling makes an outrageously classical feel that is so calming. Some really old rooms that are stunning were ‘no camera’ areas but stuck in my head. All those small old school catalog drawers (the old school Google to find the book you need), the classy gold and green reading lights, glamorous chandeliers, dark wooden tables and chairs that are well kept shiny, old books stacked on levels and levels that can be accessible with an old school metal ladder that slides sideways along the wooden balcony. Hah! I can go on and on and on… You just have to visit.



I could spend a whole day here! All the cool techie games and history of the techie gadgets are displayed as an exhibit. Play around it, with it, be in it. I love it! I didn’t have much time when I did, I was waiting for a friend and thought I’d drop by to check it out. I’m going back there when I’m back.



Brooklyn Bridge is also across Manhattan Bridge which you can cover on your photos from taking it on either one. Brooklyn Bridge is more dramatic with all the bricks that its made of, be careful walking along the left side of the path, it is the bike lane. You don’t want to piss off a cycling New Yorker (don’t say you’re not warned). FYI, this is one subway station away from Ellis Island.



It is very touching to visit Ground Zero, the former Twin Towers that has once stood there. It is now, Ground Zero and is built with man made waterfalls surrounded by a wall with names of those who died in the attack. People in the buildings and rescuers responded that died there are commemorated on the engraved walls of Ground Zero.  Beside it, is the new tower called, The One tower.



There are a lot of museums in New York if history is your thing. There’s the National Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ellis Island Museum, and a lot more.. You can find the complete list of museums in NYC here.


And PARKS too…

Like Bryant Park and Central Park in New York, the city’s popular hang out place for a lazy day, running areas, play ground for New Yorkers. All the laid back fun, fitness, or even recharging your creative juices, these parks are always a cool place to be.

5 Luxurious Things to Do in Bangkok

(Exclusive discounts for Let’s Relax & Rarinjinda Wellness Spa – Read on #5 for details)

Travelers have had their down times like in any normal lifestyle in routine, they can be tired and exhausted traveling from place to place or they can be simply evolving into a different travel style that they’ve gotten used to.  You can agree (or not) that long-term adventure travel can be tiring and you’ll find yourself wanting some pampering and relaxing mode in between. So, I thought I should write something about Luxurious Things to Do in Bangkok but of course, on a discount travel twist (meaning, on a budget!).


1) Grand Palace – That is the iconic place to visit in Bangkok, looking at postcards and magazines or even Facebook friends who have gone to Bangkok will have the photo of the reclining Buddha which is in the vicinity of The Grand Palace. It is touristy but at least you don’t have to hike or climb a mountain to see it, just wear proper clothes and pay the entrance fee.

You can also read more about it on my post: Bangkok’s Majestic Grand Palace.


2) Dinner Cruise – Chao Phraya river in Bangkok is the place to check out for dinner cruises that you can hop on for a night glowing sceneries of the city. Choices can be from modern yacht to traditional Thai boat services offered by different agencies and even 5 Star Hotels you can choose from, whichever fancies your mood.  The fancier the boat is the pricier it gets, but you’ll always have a better deal researching and planning more about it.

I thought, I should share what I’ve experience literally and not just by telling you stories and making you envy with all the photos. You too can now enjoy the great dinner cruise experience I’ve had.

Story of the dinner cruise can be found on “Chao Phraya’s Manorah Dinner Cruise“.

3) Bar Hopping – Though I don’t drink alocohol(much), it would not stop me hanging out with my friends at the bar and wouldn’t mind that I’m the only person that sips Mango smoothie, Iced Tea, or a Mocktail in the room as they drink their way to the merriment of the night. People go there to hang out with friends and meet new people aside from being wasted, and Bangkok has a lot of mind blowing bars, from glow in the dark, sky lounges, roof deck, themed bars, etc.

CNN has compiled a list of new bars in Bangkok you might find interesting – Bangkok nightlife: 9 best new bars

4) Hearty Food Trip – Thailand is generally a food heaven which obviously why Thai food is one of the most popular cuisine in Southeast Asia if not the most.  Thai cooking classes are easy to find around from the northern part of the country, Chiang Mai in which most of tour package choices includes Thai cooking classes and obviously in the city.  Bangkok, however, has a non-profit organization that helps out refugees in Thailand called, In Search of Sanuk. You can visit them anytime to help and if you wish to organize a visit, the organizers can arrange a nice meal wherein refugees are glad to cook you some Thai dishes to prepare for you in return of a small donation.

Read more about In Search of Sanuk‘s mission like #freehugsBKK!

Recommended restaurants:

Pala Pizza Romana & Bistrot (Italian)

Address:  1, Sukhumvit Platform (BTS Asoke link to MRT), Asok Road Klongtoey Nua 10110
Phone:     02 259 1228

Sunrise Tacos (Mexican)

Address:  Khlong Toei, Bangkok / Terminal 21 5th Flr.
Phone:     02 229 4851

Shopping malls have food courts that offers affordable meals, snacks and great restaurants that offers different variety of cuisines to choose from.

5) Relax and Pamper Yourself – Aside from shopping from the street and shopping malls to pamper yourself there are also specialized salons and spas in the city to get your make over and just simply relax. What better way to do it in Thailand than getting a Thai Massage or go to a salon, I prefer going to the spa and relax the whole day if I can.

You can also take advantage of 15-20% discount coupons from these awesome resort spas. Yes, you can claim your exclusive Discount Travel Blogger’s deal we got for you, the discount coupon to all Let’s Relax Spa branches by clicking the discount code and print out the coupon that you will present at their branches to claim your discounted service!

Let’s Relax Spa – has total of 10 branches all over Thailand that you can visit. The 15% discount is exclusive for Discount Travel Blogger readers that you can claim from all 10 branches; Four branches in Bangkok, 2 in Phuket, Hua Hin, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Koh Samui. Their prices starts from 150THB! Take advantage of the exclusive discount travel blogger’s code except for the Dream Package and Heavenly Relax.

DISCOUNT CODE: Discount Travel Blog


Rarinjinda Wellness Spa – Rarinjinda is a high end resort and wellness spa that offers unique and relaxing massages and wellness services from their highly trained staff with a total of 3 branches in Thailand with 1 in Chiang Mai and 2 in Bangkok.  Their comprehensive packages will surprise you with its exotic variety from Ayurvedic Hide Away to Elements of Life, they are combination of exotic treatments like listening to Tibetan music on a warm sand bed will send you in a meditative state.  Their prices is from 1,000 THB onwards, and you can also take advantage of exclusive 20% discount that you can get only from discount travel blog!

DISCOUNT CODE: Discount Travel Blog

I honestly don’t get any commission from all these, this is from an amazing experience and instead of getting something for myself, I thought of my readers. YOU.  Yes, you! I thought I can get you some discount coupons to experience them on your own.  I hope you enjoy your stay in Bangkok!

Eating Street Food – How to Avoid Food Poisoning

Street Food

(Lady cooking fresh Ban Xeo from the street of Mui Ne, Vietnam and it’s awesome!)

Eating street food is the most common way to get to know local cuisines when traveling, it is also the cheapest and the most authentic way to do as locals eat those street food as well. Although the risk of eating street foods are also high especially when food is not properly handled.

Speaking of food handling, coming from a food business background and a discount traveler doing an extreme budget traveling (according to my friends, it’s extreme!) I thought I could share a little bit of tips on how to avoid food poisoning.

Thai Street Food Bangkok

Not all street food are poorly handled, there are factors that make the risks higher than the others like:

  • Ingredients (Food Preparation) – Different ingredients have different chemical reactions to the other ingredients in the dish which of course makes it tastes better most of the time.  However, each ingredient can affect the shelf life of a dish.  This is where Food Handling comes in play to avoid the risk of food poisoning. (E.g. ground meat, tomatoes, dairy products, etc.)
  • Food Handling – This is the most complicated part of the food, proper handling.  As the ingredients reacted chemically altogether to create one yummy dish, each has its own effect and the cooking procedure also should be taken consideration for this. How to handle high risk dishes is a big factor to avoid the bacteria forming in it that will cause food poisoning. That being said, once its prepared you food handler should carefully look into:
    • Sanitation – Make sure everything is clean and dry where you put the food in and where you store it, also the tools you will use to serve it like the serving spoon and the plate should always be clean and uncontaminated to avoid germs and bacteria growing on the food.
    • Food Temperature – Like I mentioned on the ingredients, they react differently to each other and temperature will also play the role to avoid or contribute risks in contamination resulting to a food poison. Raw meats like in sushi and sashimi, dairy based dishes, with fresh tomatoes, cream etc., should maintain a cooler temperature storage.  These are low shelf life food that people, not only food handlers but eaters consider when trying out new dishes.
  • Climate – The climate of the place should be considered simply because the food temperature aspect mentioned above.  Storing it in the recommended temperature is one thing, but trying to get a take away food to bring on your 14 hour bus ride with high risk ingredients is probably not a smart idea especially if you are in a tropical country.
  • Shelf Life – There is a maximum shelf life for every dish no matter how delicious it looks for food safety (I would not bore you with a semester lesson I learned from school about it).  Most food shows if it looks old or freshly cooked by looking at it, but if you have no idea judging it from the look of it you might want to read more of this post.

Those are just some of the quick helpful factors to consider when looking for a safe street food.  I understand if you don’t want to be a food geek or appear too picky while trying to save your gut and health traveling, don’t worry I might have a few easy tips to avoid the hassle.


Choose Food Cooked On The Spot – Most small restaurants does it and there are also street vendors that does it which I think is safer.  This is my most favorite trick to do when traveling and I said, “COOKED ON THE SPOT” and not just assembled on the spot.  The heat of the fire would at least help kill the bacteria in it.

Avoid Exposed Street Food – Although some may appear appetizing, you might want to avoid it if it’s sitting under the heat without a cover, but if you could not resist it, you might want to ask them to reheat it for you.  Otherwise, make sure you’re ready for your gut’s revolution if you’re anti-bodies are not enough to fight it.

Drink Pro-Biotics – When I’m unsure if I’ve eaten something suspiciously unsafe I always take a refuge in drinking one before the day ends.  The live good bacteria might help fighting the bad ones ones I got from the last meal.

Buy Packed Goods – I am not suggesting to this everyday but  when in a considerably risky areas, this might save your gut. Especially traveling on a long bus ride, I get my stuff from convenience store like biscuits, bottled water, candies, chips, easy open canned goods, and other easy goods to survive during the trip.

It doesn’t mean I haven’t been sick on the road for eating street food, but simply because I ignored the facts I learned from school and life long facts from my family’s food business background.  My brother is smarter, refusing to eat a street fried chicken in Southeast Asia when the vendor grabbed it with her bare hands! Oh well, those are part of traveling these aren’t 100% guarantee that you would not get sick, but think about it, it is street food! It may be handled relatively clean but the exposure to the environment can also be a risk.

If you really don’t want to get sick then avoid street food at all times, or getting travel insurance isn’t bad in this kind of situation in case you need to see a doctor while you’re overseas.

3 Easiest Ways to Travel From Airport To City – Bangkok, Thailand

3 Easy Ways to Travel from Airport to The Vity - Bangkok

One of the first question of a first time traveler to a new city will be, “What is the easiest way from the airport to the city?”.  For sure you will agree with me that the most common way to do it if no one you know will pick you up from the airport is to get a taxi, why not? You’d probably say, “It’s the safest way to do it!”. You think? There are a lot of risks especially in unknown cities that you may encounter and scams aren’t uncommon to big cities but if you know that there are actually 3 Easiest Ways to Travel From Airport To City of Bangkok.

#1) BUS – Travelling from the Airport to the city is easy. Despite the Airport Shuttle shutdown in 2012 at the Suvarnabhumi Airport there is currently a local bus that stops just outside Don Mueang Airport every 30 minutes that drops off passengers to their nearest route destination,  most convenient way for travelers is to get off at Mo Chit BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System) for 30THB. Fare starts at 10THB depending on the distance.

BTS MRT Airportlink Map

#2) AIRPORT LINK – While the the Airport Shuttle Service at Suvarnabhumi Airport was halted there is no need to worry for travelers landing here.  Airport Link opened in 2010 catering to local and International travelers to have a convenient access to the city with its Express and City Line Services.

  • Express Service – Airport Link line that offers a continuous journey from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Makkasan station with a fixed fare of 150THB. If you wish to travel further to the city, City Line interchange with Express at the Makkasan station.
  • City Line Service – Airport Link line that runs from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Phaya Thai BTS Station is preferred by most travelers.  Fare starts at 15THB to 45 THB.

#3) TAXI – The most popular and easy transportation from the airport to the city, but it doesn’t mean its the cheapest though.  Airport Taxis charges from 200THB-1500THB depending on the location; It was 250THB by meter to Sutthisan for me recently (as of January 2015) and they have created a queuing system for metered taxis to avoid traffic and clogging at the arrival area.  TIP: Always ask for metered taxis.

I love how Thailand is acting upon the complaints of travelers, just like how the viral blog of the Japanese dude.