3 Ways to Make Your US Road Trip Easy with EZTrip

Everybody loves to travel, whether it’s visiting family and friends, discovering a new place, or relaxing on a serene beach front resort. The idea of all these are pleasurable and it should be. Although in some cases, it’s not. The pleasure of your vacation or adventure gets ruined when unexpected things happen during the trip.  Despite the treacherous planning of the long awaited trip, nobody will anticipate a car breakdown, or getting Dengue fever from a tropical area and for some folks who do not have an insurance, EZTrip is your help. I’m not endorsing that you should not get an insurance, but for some who travels without, this might help.


Unbelievable Human Barbie


I love Barbie and still fascinated with her up until now, I would watch Barbie movies with my niece whenever we find a new edition of her movie. When I read online about the Human Barbie, it shocked me! I thought it was impossible but I gave it a benefit of the doubt.


6 Cool Summer Hairstyles


Since it’s still summer and some of you may be still on your vacation, en route, or planning your next beach destination, I know that for the ladies who still want to have a cool summer look, 6 Cool Summer Hairstyle videos I found on Youtube will really help us all to get that goal this season.