7 Reasons Why I Love Working from Home

When I was in the Philippines, work from home (WFH) is a little impossible if you don’t own a business that allows you to do that. As a shy and timid Filipina, often misunderstood in this new world I live in, I knew finding a WFH job here is not impossible. No matter how many times they tell me it’s not possible, I never believed what they said.


Scottsdale Series – Vlog About This Town


After over a year of living in Scottsdale, I finally have the courage and pride to be living in it. The beauty of this city life within The West’s Most Western Town called, Old Town Scottsdale is just a blessing you also have to see yourself. By that, you also have to know how to get around town. Known for its great lifestyle the city has to offer, the museums, art galleries, native art and fine jewelry.


Arizona State Fair, A Short Affair To Remember

Arizona State Fair

A year ago, I’ve experienced my first ever state fair in Connecticut. It was fun, especially with my niece and nephew I have good excuse to be there. I was with the rugrats! This year, I went to the Arizona State Fair with a friend and we didn’t need an excuse to be there as ourselves, I love it! This fair was really fair for people who wanted to have fun, and adults are everywhere just trying to play like kids again.


Scottsdale’s Best Breakfast Places

Scottsdale Best Breakfast Places

I would love 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning and I’d eat brunch, like BIG brunch. I have my own reasons, but also it changed when I moved here. Every morning, my husband will cook me hearty breakfast that is hard to resist or we’ll be at our favorite Silver Star diner in New Canaan. I’d say they’re amazing not only that they serve big portions, they taste like mom is making your breakfast, otherwise Guy Fierri won’t feature them on his Triple D show!