Party Like A VIP, It’s Scottsdale Party!


It was a couple of days before the epic #ScottsdaleParty when my my husband keeps telling me about a VIP party which he signed up for with Scottsdale Restaurants.  I thought it was a normal dinner out. I did put on a little effort that I regretted afterwards, simply because I didn’t know what the event will be like. I look like I just got out of the bed to grab a bite and it turned out that it was THE Scottsdale Party! Meeting the guys behind it who are best known as The Three Generic Dudes: Troy, Chris, and Miguel looks like we will be seeing more of these guys in Scottsdale.  You want to join the party too? Then you should sign up and be a  VIP at!

Great food, music, fun, karaoke and I even won $25 Geisha A Go Go gift card!  Learned a little bit of how to make a sushi wrap! I won’t bore you too much of my story, let’s watch the video!





Hunting Haunted Places – Arizona

Haunted Places - Arizona

Every time that the Halloween season is getting closer you’ll notice establishments dressing up their shops with spooky decorations or at least trying to make you wear your most creative and spookiest costumes for the season. Haunted house hunt, horror movies, mystical stories, and horror rides are in.

Now, that the season is coming, some travelers who would like some kind of adventure like visiting haunted places are most probably in full swing looking for the perfect destination perfect for the season. I think I can at least suggest that we have scary and spooky haunted places here in Arizona too. Check it out if it will give you goosebumps as well.

5 New York City Guides


May not be your average New York City Guides but is very amusing to watch, take it seriously to survive (or not), whatever works for you. Fortunately (or unfortunately), these are mostly from BuzzFeed so enjoy watching it and hopefully prepare you for what’s ahead of you visiting the Big Apple, even if you’re budget for NYC trip is set to explore.

New York: Expectations vs. Reality

How To Not Look Like A Tourist In NYC

18 New York Facts Even New Yorker’s Don’t Know

How to Piss Off Every New Yorker in 36 Seconds

New York City Vs. Everywhere Else

10 Budget Places to Explore in New York City

New York City - Budget Things to Do

There are countless things to do in New York City may it be a food adventure, shopping, bar/club hopping, visiting museums, on a budget exploring mood, or simply having a lazy stroll in the city. New York didn’t disappoint my expectations and I’m overwhelmed by simply existing in the midst of wonderful chaos happening around me being in the city. Let’s not bore you with my stories and let’s enjoy New York’s photos!


Wild. Fun. Bright. Sounds like a promising future. It’s bright flickering lights are promising, it spark creative juices in my brain go crazy. I. LOVE. IT.



Ellis Island is a symbolic place for the country’s immigration, the immigrants passed through Port of New York in pursuit of the ‘American Dream’ in the past when flying isn’t a thing yet. Nearly a century has passed and I’ve finally get to be part of this history. Also, keep in mind that Ground Zero, Wallstreet, and Federal Hall (where Former President George Washington was inaugurated in 1789) is in the area if you wish to visit more significant places.



Honestly, this is the most liberating place in the city (other than shopping). I love the skating rink in the middle of the buildings and all I can think of is that this is an awesome place to hang out. You can work hard and play afterwards, maybe a little cheesy for New Yorkers but you’d find me here if I live here.



I can skip captioning this but I won’t, the terminal is really beautiful to do that. It’s preserved vintage appeal keeps my breath away that I soon I stepped out of the train and went to the center where the clock booth is. I can’t help myself but to keep turning, indulging my eyes and imagination to every movies and videos I’ve seen about it.



Reminds me of Spain’s ‘Sagrada Familia’ and Italy’s ‘Duomo di Milano’,  a Gothic architecture and well crafted edifice can’t make me stop admiring the artists who made this. The time and effort to build it artistically.  Unfortunately during my visit, the interiors were being renovated.



The geek hub of the city, New York City Public Library is another time traveling place that pulls you back in time you’ve never been. Paintings on the walls and ceiling makes an outrageously classical feel that is so calming. Some really old rooms that are stunning were ‘no camera’ areas but stuck in my head. All those small old school catalog drawers (the old school Google to find the book you need), the classy gold and green reading lights, glamorous chandeliers, dark wooden tables and chairs that are well kept shiny, old books stacked on levels and levels that can be accessible with an old school metal ladder that slides sideways along the wooden balcony. Hah! I can go on and on and on… You just have to visit.



I could spend a whole day here! All the cool techie games and history of the techie gadgets are displayed as an exhibit. Play around it, with it, be in it. I love it! I didn’t have much time when I did, I was waiting for a friend and thought I’d drop by to check it out. I’m going back there when I’m back.



Brooklyn Bridge is also across Manhattan Bridge which you can cover on your photos from taking it on either one. Brooklyn Bridge is more dramatic with all the bricks that its made of, be careful walking along the left side of the path, it is the bike lane. You don’t want to piss off a cycling New Yorker (don’t say you’re not warned). FYI, this is one subway station away from Ellis Island.



It is very touching to visit Ground Zero, the former Twin Towers that has once stood there. It is now, Ground Zero and is built with man made waterfalls surrounded by a wall with names of those who died in the attack. People in the buildings and rescuers responded that died there are commemorated on the engraved walls of Ground Zero.  Beside it, is the new tower called, The One tower.



There are a lot of museums in New York if history is your thing. There’s the National Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ellis Island Museum, and a lot more.. You can find the complete list of museums in NYC here.


And PARKS too…

Like Bryant Park and Central Park in New York, the city’s popular hang out place for a lazy day, running areas, play ground for New Yorkers. All the laid back fun, fitness, or even recharging your creative juices, these parks are always a cool place to be.

Taylor Swift’s Welcoming You to New York


Everyone is talking about the new Taylor Swift’s single called ‘Welcome to New York’, some people don’t like it and some think it’s ‘okay’… But it went viral which means it is better than what most people think. She actually describes what to expect or see in New York in the eyes of a naive young first time visitor to New York City.

I’m not a fan of Swift but I’m a fan of music, and I do appreciate every genre.  I personally think it isn’t bad and if it catches our attention to listen to this then it will be catching more attention on ads, on the dance floor, on the video theme.  I must say though, it’s not her usual country sound, it’s more like a pop-techno but it’s still good.  Honestly, not bad to play on my iTunes while on a trip to New York City.  Listen and have your say…