6 Top Reasons to Explore Cebu, Philippines


If you are a foreigner looking for a quick summer getaway, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who haven’t been home for such a long time or just an ordinary person looking for a nice place to unwind and you decided to visit the Philippines, there’s probably a lot of things that goes through your mind. Airplane tickets, hotel bookings, reservations and most importantly where exactly in the Philippines to visit. Of over 7,000 islands in our country choosing one specific destination could be a challenge and fun at the same time, but no worries, this article I’m giving you Top 6 Reasons to Explore Cebu, Philippines.  Known also as “The Queen City of the South”, my hometown.


(Picture of Cebu Map in the center)

Beautiful resorts, luxury and affordable accommodations, breathtaking mountains, fun activities, outdoor adventures and wonderful foods are just some of the things you can experience in this impressive island.

  1. Cebu’s Original Lechon


(Pic of Lechon; Photo Credit: Nick Tam)

There are some foods that will take you for a joy ride, Cebu’s Lechon is one of them. For a foreigner’s tongue, tasting the crunchy brown reddish skin of a lechon for the first time is exhilarating. Lechon in Cebu is hands-down the best in the world, just don’t forget to pair it with “puso” (hanging rice) and a cold ice Coke. Puso means heart, and because the rice is wrapped around the weaved coconut leaves formed in a shape of heart giving the rice a coconutty taste.

  1. Whale Sharks in Oslob


(You can swim with them at Sorsogon in their natural habitat; Photo Credit: Nick Tam)

There aren’t so many places in the world you can swim with a humongous gentle creature, just an arm length away in touching a whale shark or in local dialect “Butanding”. In Oslob, just 3 hour drive south of Cebu City, you can find such a place and more. There have been some concerns about feeding these 41 feet whale sharks being codependent of the feeds rather than their natural habitat, but the gentle creatures have seemed to adapt well with the locals. An encounter with this giant sharks will certainly be scary and exciting at the same time.

  1. History

Magellans Cross

(Pic of Magellan’s Cross)

If you want to experience our rich Philippine History, there is no better place to start than Cebu, the oldest city in The Philippines and a thriving metropolis of more than 3 million people. It has a rich and celebrated events that became part of our history.

  • Lapu-Lapu ,often dubbed as the first Filipino hero, a native leader who fought the conquistador Magellan and won the battle. The Lapu-Lapu Shrine,a 20 meter statue found in Mactan, Cebu was erected in his honor.
  • Basilica del Santo Niño, the country’s oldest  Roman Catholic church was established in the country on the spot where the image of the Santo Niño, a statue depicting the Child Jesus was found in 1565 by Spanish explorers.
  • Colon Street is the oldest and the shortest national road in the Philippines. A glorious but a crowded street in downtown Cebu City named after Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) the great Italian explorer.
  • The University of San Carlos (USC) in Cebu City, is not only the oldest school in the country but also in Asia. Formerly known as the Colegio de San Ildefonso, was founded by the Spanish Jesuits on August 1, 1595. This makes the Cebu-based university older than the University of Santo Tomas (1611) in Manila and Harvard University (1636) in the United States.
  • And Fort San Pedro, known as the oldest military defense structure,  meant to protect the city from Muslim raiders . Today’s structure dates from 1738 and is also the oldest triangular bastion fort in the country, built by the Spanish and indigenous Cebuanos.
  1. Amazing Mountains

Cebu is a dream place for mountaineers and people who likes the outdoors. Cebu’s amazing peaks are just an hour or two away from the City. As you drive along the long winding roads up to the mountains, you feel the cool breeze & fresh mountain air. Our modest mountains may not be the highest in the world, but most of them are stunningly beautiful.

  • Osmeña Peak is Straddling the municipalities of Dalaguete and Badian(around 3 hour drive south of the city). It is only stands 1,013 meters above sea level and is considered the easiest peak to summit , but once on top, the amazing view of the surrounding Bohol like hills and gorgeous sunrise will take your breath away.
  •  Mt. Kapayas, located in Sitio Kampanya, Barangay Kabangkaya in the bowels of Catmon, Northern Cebu. At over 700 meters above sea level, Mt. Kapayas is an alluring, somewhat unexplored mountain that harbors plenty of secrets and challenges.
  • Mt.Manunggal , At 1,003 meters above sea level, is the highest mountain in Central Cebu. It is the site of the crash of the presidential plane named Mt. Pinatubo which killed President Ramon Magsaysay and twenty-four others in 1957 . The vistas along the way to the summit together with deep valleys and high mountain ranges are simply breathtaking.
  • And Mt. Hambubuyog, which the climb starts with a visit to the mighty Inambakan Falls in Ginatilan, one of Cebu’s most gorgeous waterfalls.
  1. Pristine Beaches


(Pic of Bantayan Beach)

Cebu simply has the best white sand beaches in the world. From the northern part, Malapascua Island being one of the country’s top diving spots and the renowned Bantayan Island having the most amazing sandbar you’ll ever see, to the southern part, Moalboal and Badian both known for its enthralling coral reef and rich marine life. Or if you choose somewhere much closer to the city, a 45 mins. drive to Mactan Island connected to mainland Cebu by two bridges, where you can enjoy the enchantingly grand beaches of Mactan’s coastlines. There are all kinds of beaches to choose and marvel, from the very basic & native to the most luxurious.

  1. Friendly Locals

It is said that we Cebuanos are free loving, down-to-earth, laid back cool people who speaks English well, as foreigners would agree. We are simply very accommodating and fun to be with. Apart from the jaw-dropping scenery and incredible adventures you’ll experience here in our province, the most valuable will probably be the amazing Cebuano friendships you will have during your visit.

Of course there are many other amazing attractions that didn’t make the list but that will be for some other time 😉



Scottsdale’s Best Breakfast Places

Scottsdale Best Breakfast Places

I would love 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning and I’d eat brunch, like BIG brunch. I have my own reasons, but also it changed when I moved here. Every morning, my husband will cook me hearty breakfast that is hard to resist or we’ll be at our favorite Silver Star diner in New Canaan. I’d say they’re amazing not only that they serve big portions, they taste like mom is making your breakfast, otherwise Guy Fierri won’t feature them on his Triple D show!

Now, that we have moved in Arizona, we have accumulated our new routine by finding great reasonable restaurants and we have started with breakfast places around Old Town Scottsdale. I guess, living in the Southwest isn’t really a diner kind of place. They are however, big with cool, young, modern vibe of restaurants that serves breakfast. Here are the Old Town Scottsdale’s Breakfast Places I’ve tried and my reviews of what I’ve had and my favorite items to order off their menu:

  • Scrambles – I order the Brizzas (light pizza) and sometimes Panini. They both have different varieties that I order every visit paired with Green Tea. I love the vibe of the place, fast, not so busy and if they are, it’s not crazy.
  • Breakfast Club – I only order their BLT and Green Tea but my husband’s love the Breakfast Burrito. It looks great, big serving and he said it is really good. The vibe is young and very energetic, they get REALLY busy but their location is big that it doesn’t get so incredibly crowded.
  • Morning Squeeze – I love their food, especially the Lox & Bagels, but because their place is a little smaller even with an open air bar, even a not so noisy crowd sounds like one.
  • Daily Dose – We decided to check out the hype on this place, food is great but what truly is amazing other than the food are their staff. I’d give the the highest rate for customer service. Best I’ve had  I should say.
  • Over Easy – We found them through Triple D and visiting something that was featured on TV will have a lot of following after the air time. Like Morning Squeeze, their Scottsdale branch is small but they have more like a diner feel even without the diner interiors. Food is amazing! Simple but good.

Those were the breakfast places me and my husband have tried and tested. They all has their own character and we have our favorite item on every menu of these places. Indication of a good place is when you need more time to examine the menu because you can’t make up your mind what to get!

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art Visit

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

One Saturday evening, afraid of getting bored in a nice weathered little tourist town called, Old Town Scottsdale, we thought we should get our act together and do something (whether we should be partying, pigging out, or just doing something productive) because nothing to do in this place isn’t a good excuse.

I quickly browsed online what to do and see that will not break a bank close to us and found ourselves couple of hours later at the Scottsdale Civic Center Park where art museums are abundant. There you’d find:

  • Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Scottsdale Historical Museum
  • Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts
  • Scottsdale Museum of the West

I have have been to the first two out of the four mentioned above during it’s Free Admission times. I honestly like Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art compared to MoMa (Museum of Modern Art in NYC). The featured artists I thought were more in-depth expressing their ideas and art, and as a creative artist I should be able to appreciate the difference which I do. I think that understanding what we like and what we don’t makes us understand who we are, what we are really made of.

I would like to share what I’ve seen in there and I appreciate how they allowed me to take photos of the masterpieces exhibited in the museum. The artists exhibited at the time were:

Both artists have stunning interpretation of their art that resonates meaningful things in life. Munro’s simple but practical masterpiece tells a good story but tells a fact that the pieces he used like the CDs and conveying the Morse codes were useful and practical communication methods used in navigation.

Bruno Munro's "Ferryman's Crossing"

Bruno Munro: Ferryman’s Crossing

Saar’s work on the other hand were so deep and dark, but it is screaming the tragic stories of the past. The African slavery, how the world changes gradually in a very hard and tumultuous process through her interpretation was stunning. The pieces can speak deeper to one’s soul and makes one somehow understand, if not totally, that it was not an easy journey but led to a beautiful present no one should ever forget.

The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art’s operating hours are:


My First Attempt to Vlog


I’m trying out my luck on vlogging and by doing so, I realize that it isn’t just talking in front of the camera, it’s a one man video production! I am a rookie, trying to get in to real business of video blogging on my own with more research and hoping I will be able to pull it off.  For some time in my blogging life (since 2008), I have received several suggestions to make videos of my travels and I was even invited to be one of ABS-CBN’s Online Superstars (One of Philippines’ Major TV Network) but couldn’t materialize because I’m out of the Philippines.

With more and more elbows nudging me to plunge into it, I’m now dipping my feet in its waters and found out that it is a serious business. Why? You may ask, it’s a lot of work, planning, directing, and creativity that comes with it.  You can either be following an outline or your creativity can overwhelm you to get lost from the theme.

Starting from presenting yourself in front of the camera to put or not to put make-up on, lighting, setting, topic selection, delivery, to editing the video. If you think presentation is easy, think again.  It doesn’t end there, editing the video to make it appear very interesting to its audience takes a lot of time and effort. How a scene should play exactly on queue with your audio and the effects used, not to mention choosing/editing thumbnails when uploading the video on the chosen platform is vicious.

Try to appreciate that from the beginning to the planning stage, when you are watching the video, takes a precious time to produce it to something that you will enjoy (or not) and a simple like when you really like one is such a big pay off for the effort.

I appreciate it now and will try my best to learn more about it and make a better video after another.  I hope you enjoy my amateur video and let me know what you think. Feel free to suggest tricks on improving it and topics to talk about. Ciao!


How to Get Around Scottsdale?


Arizona, USA – Phoenix is the largest city of Arizona and the most populated city in the USA according to Wikipedia. Scottsdale is continuously growing as a city.  City that is known for its night life, home for technology companies, amazing weather that locals get so excited about, food, shopping, and nature.

Why not? Being new in the place, slowly understanding the country, people, and the local scene I learned that it doesn’t take too much to realize why locals take pride of their city and why they love it. Events are going on and on from October to June. Galleries, events, party, shopping, nature, and dining scenes in Scottsdale won’t bore you, really.

You’d want to know how to get around the city when you visit and just like how I want to do it, frugal ways to travel.  Scottsdale is very touristy too which means it could be a little pricey.  Old Town Scottsdale can be both pricey and on a budget, whichever way you want to go. Budget shouldn’t stop you from visiting the fancy cool Old Town Scottsdale because from happy hour for foodies, we also offer free rides and minimum fare mass transit.

  • Free Trolley – In Old Town Scottsdale where most parties and events are happening, there is always free trolley ride that arrives every 10 minutes and goes to four different routes. Check out HERE for more detailed routes and schedule.
  • Golf Carts – If you don’t want to wait 10 minutes, golf carts roam around anywhere in Old Town Scottsdale as well operating by tips only without flat rates. Be courteous and reasonable giving tips please. You can contact Trips 4 Tips for their golf cart service around Old Town Scottsdale: 602-488-7208. (Disclaimer: I am not paid for this, just helping out people like me finding other ways to get around Scottsdale. Please let them know you read it on Lyndsay’s blog.)
  • Metro Valley Bus – Mass transit bus where you can either pay exact fare on the bus or get 1 day ($2), 7 day ($20), or 31 day pass ($64) from local retailers like Walgreen’s and Circle K stores or online. Online metro tickets gets delivered in 7 days, if you need it before that, you have to get it from the retailers.
  • Uber – This is pretty much self explanatory. Download Uber app on your phone and start using it.
  • Taxi – Like Uber, it’s self explanatory. It has been around for a long time and they are everywhere.

Wipe Out Run in Scottsdale, Wiped Me Out!

Wipe Out Run

I bet you heard about the show Wipe Out, yes? Of course, you did! Last August 14th, they launched their own fun run in Arizona called Wipe Out Run held at the West World Scottsdale with approximately 10,000 participants which started from 7AM-2PM.  Groups starts every half an hour and you’ll get the idea of how many people who had a blast that day.

The run had 12 fun obstacles in 5k run and I tell you what, it didn’t even feel like we ran that distance from all the bouncing around this obstacles. Everyone were ready to get dirty, get splashed, and wiped out which makes it like a giant jumpy house for adults! If that doesn’t sounds fun for you, then I don’t know what does.

People who joined were a fun crowd, they appear at the venue dressed up  with their goofy, fun, and colorful costumes. It’s a fun excuse to be a goofball and just act like kids again. Kudos to the producers of the Wipe Out game show who brought this fun to the public.

We had a blast bouncing around the big balls, sliding on tubes, getting splashed at the wrecking ball, and diving in to the bubbles and foam! How about I let you watch a short compilation of how it was.  Enjoy!


The Epic Run is Here! Yes, The Wipe Out Run!

Wipe Out Run
I’m not a fitness buff nor interested with any other ‘fun runs’ out there just because for a Gemini like me, it has to be really fun or adventurous to get me in. Then my husband heard about the Wipe Out Run and immediately find the video really appealing, we were like “Hell Yeah! We’re in!”.  A 5k run with all this obstacles would be really epic, don’t you think? Or maybe not because for sure there’s a lot of whining afterwards, but who cares?! That’s what you do for fun sometimes.

I’m not sure if you all know about the Japanese TV show called ‘Takeshi’s Castle’, but I grew up with that show in the Philippines narrated by a local comedian. I know, you don’t care either but I thought I’d still let you know.  The show was hilarious!

When Wipe Out came out, it is definitely the modern version of Takeshi’s Castle in the western world and I love watching the show too! It wasn’t as hilarious as the Japanese one but it’s as entertaining.  Here’s a peak of Takeshi’s Castle for you…

Wipe Out show is just as amusing and whoever thought of recreating the Japanese game show is brilliant!

I say brilliant because now, they’re making it even more fun opening it to public making a run a little more adventurous. It will surely be a lot of muscle pains and bruises afterwards but the fun will be priceless.  I promise to tell you more about the experience with photos and videos few days later. Can’t wait? I understand, I can’t either!

How can you, by simply watching the clip, it just keeps getting better and better.  Better watch it and join it!


Party Like A VIP, It’s Scottsdale Party!


It was a couple of days before the epic #ScottsdaleParty when my my husband keeps telling me about a VIP party which he signed up for with Scottsdale Restaurants.  I thought it was a normal dinner out. I did put on a little effort that I regretted afterwards, simply because I didn’t know what the event will be like. I look like I just got out of the bed to grab a bite and it turned out that it was THE Scottsdale Party! Meeting the guys behind it who are best known as The Three Generic Dudes: Troy, Chris, and Miguel looks like we will be seeing more of these guys in Scottsdale.  You want to join the party too? Then you should sign up and be a  VIP at ScottsdaleRestaurants.com!

Great food, music, fun, karaoke and I even won $25 Geisha A Go Go gift card!  Learned a little bit of how to make a sushi wrap! I won’t bore you too much of my story, let’s watch the video!





Philippines’ Sexiest Travel Bloggers

It’s been a couple of years since my post, 11 Sexiest Travel Bloggers“. It was a lot of fun creating it and found new friends by doing so.

This is a random list, do not freak out that your best bet is not on top of the list! I was planning to get 2 versions like the last one but many have declined to join because they’re either on a trip or busy with something else that may delay the post any further.

Their brains, personality, and not just their looks are what makes them sexy. The questions they are answering are from fellow travel bloggers on the list too (and some from me), these are their answers to the questions thrown at them and the 3 questions they throw back. Yep, they have no idea whose questions they are answering until reading this post. Now, here are what Philippines’ Sexiest Travel Bloggers’ have to say.


KACH MEDINA – 2 MONKEYS TRAVEL 1)If traveling and blogging aren’t existing in this universe, what will you be doing now? Well, I’m actually a newbie blogger. If not blogging, I think I would be a full-time yoga teacher. 2)Name a place that you really hate. This is really hard but I think, I would never return to Agra, India. 3)What’s that one game changer that will stop you from traveling? I don’t think I would stop traveling, but the thing that could stop me from traveling for a while is when we finally set up our Ayurveda Resort. Kach’s Travel Questions:


  • How do you maintain your health and fitness while traveling?


  • What’s your favorite cuisine in the world and why?



  • Aside from the Philippines, which one place do you call home?




A photo posted by One Cruz (@wrongcruise) on


1) Favorite foreign food you’ve tried during your travels?

Schweinehaxe. It is a roasted ham hock that I sampled in the Bavarian region in Germany. The beer-match recipe dates back to the Medieval age of Europe and still being served today in its traditional sinful simplicity. Picture this: Hot, juicy and tender meat wrapped with its crackling skin, with lard that will block even the most dilated arteries—Exactly, crispy pata (Filipino version)!

2)Unpopular destination you’ve been to but is off beat you want to recommend?

Ladakh in Kashmir. If you’re clueless why, google it.

3)If you have 3 travel related wishes from a genie, what are will they be?


  1. Half of Facebook’s stock market shares.
  2. Healthy Family and loved-ones.
  3. And world Peace…. nah I’m kidding, I want the remaining half of Facebook’s stock market shares.

Ron’s Travel Questions:

  • If traveling and blogging aren’t existing in this universe, what will you be doing now?
  • Name a place that you really hate.
  • What’s that one game changer that will stop you from traveling?


A photo posted by Elal Lasola (@ejlsquared) on

ELAL JANE LASOLA – THE SHADES OF GREY 1)Unpopular destination you’ve been to but is off beat you want to recommend? Probably the most popular village in Kalinga is Buscalan, Tinglayan, where the last “mambabatok” artist lives, but there are actually loads of other beautiful villages in Kalinga you can visit, too. To name some, they have Luplupa, Mabilong, Loccong, and Bugnay. 2)If you have 3 travel related wishes from a genie, what are will they be? Unlimited travel fund, full frame camera and lenses, twice a year six-month vacation. Haha! 3)What’s that one game changer that will stop you from traveling? Family. Elal’s Travel Questions:


  • What movie, book, or series inspired you to travel?


  • Who is that one traveler you’ve been dreaming to meet?



  • What are the travel essentials you cannot live(or travel) without?





1)What movie, book, or series inspired you to travel?

I grew up watching the travel show “Lonely Planet (Globe Trekkers)”. It really got me excited about traveling the world.

2)Who is that one traveler you’ve been dreaming to meet?

Travel show host, Ian Wright.

3)What are the travel essentials you cannot live(or travel) without?

My cameras, a sturdy notebook – and a nail cutter.

Edgar’s Travel Questions:

  • If you were to travel the world with a celebrity, who would it be?
  • If you were a country, which one will you be and why?
  • How can travel blogging make the world a better place?


A photo posted by Aileen Adalid (@i_am_aileen) on

AILEEN ADALID – I AM AILEEN 1)Favorite foreign food you’ve tried during your travels? I have been traveling in Belgium for quite a while now, and I have come to love their “national dish”, the Mosselen-Friet or Mussels with Fries. It’s an odd combination if you think about it, but it really works! And well of course, no one can really beat the so-called Belgian fries, so this is a champion dish of its own. Now, there are different ways to cook this and my favorite would be the classic Moules marinières variation. 2)Unpopular (off-beat) destination you’ve been to that you will recommend? When someone thinks of France, they would often quickly think of Paris as their lone destination — but much like any other country, France has a LOT more places to offer other than its ‘center’! Apart from the Normandy region (wherein the not-so-known magical island castle of Le Mont Saint-Michel is located for example), there is also the area to the east of which I have found a hidden gem: Annecy! Nestled within the French Alps and surrounded by a stunning lake, this is a beauty that one must surely venture out into! 3)If you have 3 travel-related wishes from a genie, what are will they be? My #1 wish would have been to eradicate the need for Visas, but then I realize that it is really necessary in order to maintain a country’s order and safety… so I can’t really wish for such a thing to happen. Therefore, given that we’re talking to a genie here, my top 3 (crazy) travel wishes would then be:

  • To have the ability to teleport to any destination at any time for eternity.


  • To be able to bring people along with me for those travels that are all-expenses-paid.



  • To have the power to effectively affect change and improvement in nature and people worldwide (it’s my lifelong dream to help solve the world’s problem about pollution and poverty, so if a genie can make that dream faster and more achievable, then let’s do it!)



  Aileen’s Travel Questions:


  • That’s the craziest travel adventure that you have ever done?


  • What are the top 3 travel destinations on your travel list?



  • Why do you continue to travel?





1)What’s the craziest travel adventure that you have ever done?

So I traveled with this beautiful American in Myanmar whom I fell in love with. After we traveled together I went back to the Philippines and she continued to travel Southeast Asia down Indonesia. Going back to Davao where I live that time, I asked myself, “What am I doing here in the Philippines?” I already met the love of my life. So I booked a trip to Bali even though it was so expensive and surprised her in her guesthouse. It was supposed to be a 2-week trip but then I extended to a month in Bali and Jogjakarta then Jakarta. While checking for my flight back home, I saw that the flight was really expensive. She was going to India. We checked India flights and learned that it is cheaper to fly to India. So I did go to India and we traveled together for almost a month (it was winter in India and all I have are board shorts and rash guards because I was surfing in Bali). I was broke when I got back to the Philippines but I found love. You really do crazy things when you are in love.

2)What are the top 3 travel destinations on your travel list?

Myanmar, Old Bagan is just love! Northern Thailand. I love Pai because it is so chill, Soppong a small village with lots of caves and village tribes. Chiang Mai art and music scene is also cool!

3)Why do you continue to travel?

Why not? I travel not to just move around, I continue to travel because I want to me moved.

James’ Travel Questions:

  • What do you miss back home when doing a long-term travel?
  • Tell me about you road romance?
  • What is that one thing you wanna do for the rest of your life?


REIZA DEJITO – WANDER IF YOU MUST 1)Favorite foreign food you’ve tried during your travels? I love Ethiopia’s staple food, injera, a spongy flat bread made with fermented flour and eaten with a variety of meat and vegetable stews. The sourness of the injera balances the often greasy accompaniment. It is addictive! I admit, though, that it is an acquired taste, but it can grow on you so fast, you actually crave for it. 2)Unpopular destination you’ve been to but is off beat you want to recommend? I have been fascinated by a surreal place in Uganda called Lake Bunyonyi, which is not very popular with tourists and travelers because of its remote location. The vast lake dotted with verdant islands covered in the morning with mist and speckled by the sun’s orange rays in the evening is described by some as something “straight out of a Tolkien novel.” The islands are home to traditional fisher folks who still turn to the lake’s abundance for a living, and a village of Batwa pygmies, who have been evicted from the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in a bid to protect the endangered gorillas. Lake Bunyonyi is not only a natural beauty but also a melting pot of interesting cultures. 3)If traveling and blogging aren’t existing in this universe, what will you be doing now? I would still be doing humanitarian aid work, my second love and calling, after traveling. Reiza’s Travel Questions:

  • Name your biggest travel pet peeve?


  • What was the most boring destination you’ve been to, and how did you make the experience exciting?



  • If you had a week to live and you want to spend it on a trip, would you travel alone or with a companion? Why?





1)What do you miss back home when doing a long-term travel?

Of course I miss my family the most. If opportunity gives that I can bring them to our travels then it’ll certainly be a pleasure. But I really can’t imagine my Dad and Mom going through the bitter part of traveling which is the hard commute. Can’t let them go through 4 hours on a small pump boat through high waves. Haha!

2)Tell me about you road romance?

Well I travel with Agnes, the love of my life ??, so all our trips are supposedly romantic but you would be surprised how non-romantic our adventures are. But at the end of the day, I get to cuddle with her inside the accommodations we get to sleep in, wherever it may be, so it’s a sweet deal.

3)What is that one thing you wanna do for the rest of your life?

Play music with a fee, not for free! haha!

Dane’s Travel Questions:

  • What do you cherish more: The commute or the destination? and Why?
  • What is your favorite mode of transportation here in the Philippines and why?
  • What is your proudest moment as a traveler?


LOIS YASAY-RIBEIRO – WE ARE SOLE SISTERS 1)How do you maintain your health and fitness while traveling? I do my best to eat only local produce with a lot of fruits, vegetables and protein thrown into the mix. I never drink soda or sweetened artificial beverage. I do a lot of sports or out door activities while traveling like hiking, surfing or yoga. 2)What’s your favorite cuisine in the world and why? This is definitely tough. I definitely love Filipino cuisine and I’m starting to embrace French as well as Portuguese cooking while learning to cook some dishes myself. But maybe the best for me is Indian because I always long for those spicy dishes every now and then, wherever I am. 3)Aside from the Philippines, which one place do you call home? I now call Portugal home and see myself living here maybe forever. I know it sounds like a huge commitment, but I feel good where we live in north Portugal. I get to surf almost every day, eat healthy, delicious food, enjoy nature, bask in the sunlight.. What more can I ask for? Lois’ Travel Questions:


  • What makes a traveler sexy?


  • Which place would you recommend going for your 19 year old self?



  • Where is your dream honeymoon destination?




A photo posted by @thetreasuretracker on


1)If you were to travel the world with a celebrity, who would it be?

I cant think of a particular celebrity right now, but maybe someone who loves exploring, drinks beer, has a good sense of humor and “intelligent”.

2)If you were a country, which one will you be and why?

I can still count on my fingers the number of countries I’ve been to and there are still more, so I have no idea what standard should I use as my basis to pick. So for now, I will still go for our own, The Philippines. We may not be a famous backpacking destination as compared to our neighbor countries, but hey it’s “far but worth it.”

3)How can travel blogging make the world a better place?

“Ang hirap naman nito. Kaya ayoko ng mag-blog kasi ayoko ng responsibility. Joke lang!” (This is so hard. Which is why I don’t want to blog because I don’t want the responsibility. Just kidding!)Seriously,
Just by telling the world about your stories to encourage and inspire other people to see and experience what our world can offer somehow it can already make a difference. Travelling teaches us to be a better person. It teaches us to love, respect and be humble. It gives us the opportunity to understand and be aware of all the things around us. If all of us will live the values and attitudes we learn from traveling, then we can make the world a better place.

Darwin’s Travel Questions:

  • Have you ever fell in love with a stranger during your trip? What happened?
  • Please share your “hello stranger – sexy times” story.
  • What do you do when your travel companion is showing a sign of being an a**hole?


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LAUREN GAILE – I’M PANDELICIOUS 1)Favorite foreign food you’ve tried during your travels? Dammit. I love all food. At this very moment though, Samgyeopsal with soju wins it for me. Nothing like hankering for some charred meat at 3am. 2)Unpopular destination you’ve been to but is off beat you want to recommend? Sarnia, Ontario because why the hell not. Ha- seriously though it’s Haenam in South Korea, it’s mostly skipped by people doing the Seoul- Busan- Jeju loop but I think the rugged charm is worth the short detour. 3)If you have 3 travel related wishes from a genie, what are will they be? To have the power to teleport, to stop time and to increase my bladder control. 4)If traveling and blogging aren’t existing in this universe, what will you be doing now? Studying Environmental Science by way of field research. 5)Name a place that you really hate. Any place that has rampant poverty. Growing up in a third world country gave me lvl 99~ cynicism. Most of us just got the way we are by genetic lottery. It’s not that I wouldn’t visit developing countries (I do) but I won’t romanticize the “happy kids” or say they’re blessed by other ways. 6)What’s that one game changer that will stop you from traveling? Rigor mortis.  

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1)Name your biggest travel pet peeve?

People not following instructions, traffic rules, signages but I encounter it so often during travel so I’m already getting used to it.

2)What was the most boring destination you’ve been to, and how did you make the experience exciting?

I should say Abatan. Made it a side trip before I trekked Mt. Mogao. From Halsema highway, I saw a view of a valley of vegetable farms. Took a jeepney down the field but found out that the place was just a plain usual vegetable garden. Quickly took photos of the place but realized that there was no other way to go back to the highway. Then a truck filled with people passed by and asked if I can hitch a ride back to the highway. They were surprised to find out that I was there solo and suddenly everyone became a tourist guide and shared very interesting stories of their place until we reached the highway. They ended up offering their place next time I visit Abatan.

3)If you had a week to live and you want to spend it on a trip, would you travel alone or with a companion? Why?

Definitely with a companion. Preferably a person who can share a life story. I can’t afford to spend the last days alone.

Dong’s Travel Questions:

  • What makes a memorable travel experience?
  • When will a trip best be experienced? Going solo or with travel companions? Why?
  • What was your worst travel experience?


1)What makes a memorable travel experience?

When on the road, get out of your comfort zone and interact with the locals and other travelers. Try something different or new when you are on the road and be open to new cultures and different ways of thinking. Don’t forget to take photos or videos of all the things you want to remember while you are on your trip.

2)When will a trip best be experienced? Going solo or with travel companions? Why?

If it’s a short trip, having someone to travel with is a good option. It can be cheaper and safer to go places that might be more dangerous if visited alone. But if you’re planning to do long-term travel, better do it alone or with people that you’ve known for a long time. Long-term travel puts you in a world out of your comfort zone. Constant changes in plans and challenging situations are common and if you’re not emotionally and mentally prepared, it can definitely end up friendships or relationships. But then again, it will still depend on ones personality.

3)What was your worst travel experience? My worst travel experience was when I did the 5-day camel safari in the Thar Desert of Jaisalmer. I considered it worst because on the 3rd day of the trip, I got sun rashes all over my body due to heavy sun exposure. But it is one of the highlights of my trip in Rajasthan so I would definitely do it again given a chance.

Alvin’s Travel Questions:

  • What was the most interesting thing you saw or did?
  • What are you looking forward to most when you travel?
  • Where is your favorite place in the world?



1)What do you cherish more: The commute or the destination? and Why?
I love them both equally! Some will say “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” But I believe they are yin and yang to the traveler. One cannot be without the other. The destination sparks the curiosity to venture into the unknown. And the destination is the reward for having the courage to face the uncertainty of how the journey will unfold itself.

2)What is your favorite mode of transportation here in the Philippines and why?
I am probably one of the few who loves taking long-distance buses in Luzon! What’s the rush with taking a plane, when you can see the beautiful countryside for hours with the comforts of air-conditioning, free-wifi, and no exorbitant baggage fees! 🙂

3)What is your proudest moment as a traveler?
I’m very proud of reaching my four-year milestone as a nomad. I’ve made myself “at home” in nearly 30 countries, and have been on all manner of transport including plane, bus, train, rickshaw, boat, tractor, and even horse cart! One thing that most people are amazed at though, is when I tell them I spent three months traveling all around India, and never once got a stomach ache! I guess I have an Iron stomach from all my travels now!