A Walk At The Amalfi Coast


An hour of freezing speedboat ride from the anchored cruise to the Amalfi coast, I thought I can brave the temperature since it was a sunny day, but the breeze made it so intolerable that even the thick woolen turtle-neck sweater of mine could not give me enough warmth to survive. Good thing I still insist to carry my velvet jacket suit with me that gave me enough warm temperature to enjoy the breeze and the scenery sitting on top of the roofless deck. Read More...

10 Things to Do in Rome

Things to Do in Rome

Rome is known as the capital city of the world, a place with lots of character from its artistic side to its intellectual contributions to the history of man. The place is a mix of your Italian expectations before you with a surprise (in a good way I should say). Read More...

Getting Around in Rome


Going to a new place there is always about exploring the unknown, and it will not be possible to arrive at the destination without taking the first step or the first ride going there. Getting around Rome is very important for a traveler to see more of its beauty that tells its stories. Read More...

How to Get Around Milan


(Photo Credit: Phil Beard)
According to one who reviewed my blog, she didn’t get enough helpful information about Italy, especially Milan. Since, I haven’t really been ‘around Italy’ as I was cruising Mediterranean, I have no excuse living and working in Milan for 3 years so at least, I will talk about Milan travel tips. It was 7 years ago, but I could still give you updated budget tips how to get around in Milan on your own. Read More...