4 Must Try Authentic Greek Food

I say, must try authentic Greek food because I was in Greece (different from my Italian food obsession), and what better way to taste its authenticity  than trying it from Greece! Why do I love Greek food? My love affair with this country started in high school, during the World Literature class in Mythology.


5 Coolest Things To Do in Mykonos

Things to Do in Mykonos

Greece will always be something, which is why I can’t blame Greeks for being so proud of their country, I would too if I were in their shoes.¬† Why not? From the most stunning beaches, resorts, history, fighters, and intellectual men, aren’t those good enough reasons to be proud of your country? Oh well, all I’m saying is if you are planning to go there and find out for yourself,¬† then you might need these 5 Coolest Things To Do in Mykonos post.