Is Larry Alcala Going SOLO?

Larry Alcala is one of the well known editorial cartoonist in the Philippines who have exhibited his works in different countries as well.  Received several awards and achievements from his cartoon talents.

Filipinos that know Larry Alcala are probably wondering what is his name got to do soloing in fashion? Well, he’s not really soloing but Mr. Alcala is now collaborating with SOLO, a fashion company, to launch his cartoons on their clothes to produce a unique fashion collection in which his cartoons will be the primary design of the clothing line.  Isn’t it cool?

Cartoons in Fashion

You can tell just from the displayed Larry Alcala’s Fashion Clothing Line.  He is now a fashionista!  Who would have thought that a cartoonist like Larry Alcala, can launch his own line and become a cool fashionista?

SOLO is also launching a Model Search for the Larry Alcala Clothing Line, Male and Female at least 18 years old is open to join.  Check out the mechanics at

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2 thoughts on “Cartoonist Larry Alcala Goes SOLO in Fashion

  1. I’ve never heard of Larry Alcala here in the states. You’ve piqued my interest! I’ll have to Google more about his career 🙂

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