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As a career woman, we tend to keep wearing the same safe clothes over and over.  The cliché black blazer and skirt or pants with changing colors of the inner shirt is what we always think of wearing.  Aren’t done with uniforms from school?  Isn’t it boring to see that we all wear the same thing over and over again?

Each of us is unique, everyone is different in their own way, so why not express it?  Okay, I know you’ll tell me there’s a dress code that you need to be formal, presentable, and professional.  But did they mentioned what exactly you have to wear to appear one?  Use your creativity and imagination!

Using different colors and designs for your corporate attire will not make you unprofessional.  It will make look awesome and will shine from the rest because you are different, everyone is.  Be very smart, follow the rules, and look awesome in your workplace.  Colors make the world beautiful so start making your corporate world beautiful!

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