Captain Freed from being Hostaged, 3 Somali Pirates KilledAfter few days of following the events of the hostage taking  of a Cargo Ship Capt. Phillips , he is safely recovered and rescued by the US Navy.  According to CNN, US Navy Snipers killed 3pirates and saved Captain Phillips , now safe and in good health.

This is why working on a ship is never easy.  First, you’re away from your family; Second, it’s totally a different world out there (that’s  what I referred to as real Third World).  Yeah, people thought it’s glamorous working on board as you are hitting two birds in one stone, as most people would say.  Judging from getting paid and at the same time, travelling.  What they don’t know is the REAL hardwork is onboard.

No day-off, no holiday, and a lot more stuff that seafarers are not allowed to disclose according to the contract that they have signed.  Why do I know these things?  Simply because I worked on a luxury cruise ship.  I was lured by the thought of glamorous world working on board, but I discovered the REAL world out there.  In a way, seafarers are heroes to stand the pressure and homesick.  Not to mention seasick.

Captain Freed from being Hostaged, 3 Somali Pirates Killed

Now, pirate situation makes it worse…what about the other accidents out there?  When you’re sailing, most of the time you can’t see any land, but waters around you.  Luckier for passenger luxury ships, they get to dock everyweek atleast on land, but cargos and tankers (oil and liquid tanks), they go sometimes a month without docking.  That is why they are more prone to negative elements out there in the ocean, whether nature, pirates, or sea creatures.  Glad to hear that this recent situation ended up in a happily ever after story.  Congratulations Capt. Phillips!

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