Last two weeks ago, I went to visit Cambodia via Ho Chi Minh City to see the Ankor Wat temple in Siem Reap and aside from meeting new friends, learning about the local culture, tasting their food, and enjoying their beautiful country, I also happen to see cool fashion products made from Cambodia.

Cambodia has a wide variety of fashion products from clothing, handbags, decorations, jewelries, awesome sneakers, and souvenirs. I was interested with their jewelries and accessories. The designs were simply exotic and cheap. Accessories like necklaces, bangles, bracelets, earrings, rings, etc. that are made from organic materials such as ivory, bull’s horn, wood, shells, precious metals and stones.

The organic ones prices are ranging from $3 and up for a wholesale (that is, if you are interested for having a retail jewelry shop). Precious metal made jewelries and accessories vary prices on what kind, how much it weighs, and what stones it is composed of.

I bought one bracelet for $5(bargained it down from $15 USD), and a necklace for $8(from $18USD). I also bought my niece’s Amethyst earrings for $10 SGD (ran out of USD because it was my last day in Cambodia,so I used my Singaporean Dollars instead), and my Aquamarine (with 4 tiny Sapphire stones)/ Silver ring for $20SGD. I wasn’t suppose to get it, but I can’t resist it! I just remember how my sister wanted to get an Amethyst earrings for her daughter Em-Em (because it is Em’s birthstone) and she can’t buy it back home because it was expensive, I couldn’t say ‘no’ when the lady offered it for $10 SGD. So yeah, there you go…

Yes Cambodia, just like other Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines… They all have amazing accessories industry, but I reckon Cambodia is the cheapest source on most of the items.


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