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Gone are the days when Mother Nature has showered people with everything a human being needs to look great.  Nice smile, hair, eyes, nose, teeth, body and a lot more…  Breasts are one of the highest concerns of women and for those who are not ready to go under the knives, push up bras were the alternative.

Butt, what about the butts? Well, there is the same thing for butt, padded panties are out for those who weren’t as lucky as Jennifer Lopez.  For as low as $10, you can improve your butt and you don’t have to hide it. 🙂  If you’re interested, contact me for more details and payment method.  Get yourself geared up complete with all woman necessity!

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7 thoughts on “Butt… You Don’t Have to Hide

  1. In the old days, when you met a girl, you pretty much knew what you wer getting. Nowadays, with the lift bra’s, silicone padding, and now even the Butt pants, you only see what you are really getting when things get to the bedroom.
    However, these butt pants are a great product and will really show off some curves for you.

    1. I don’t have any idea where to get them in your country, although I can try to get you one here and ship it to you. I’ll see if I can catch one at a near mall and I’ll let you know about it.

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