Lyndsay's banner designI am busy designing free banner/logo offers, miss me? Oh geez, it’s fun creating and flexing my artistic side of designing logos for people interested. Specially if they express their appreciation, that only means they are satisfied with my work!

Although its quite tiring, putting much hours just to find the right theme(to those who doesn’t have preferences), it’s very rewarding when they really appreciate it. May I tell you something, that those who doesn’t have Lyndsay's banner designpreferrences is much more difficult to make…

Those people who leave every decision for you is really draining. Also may I continue, that those who have preferences and know what they want to have on their own logo/banner, those are the banners or logos that I can work well…Why? simply because all I have to do is just excel to their specific preference and focus how to improve in that theme/ preference.

Lyndsay's own designed bannerUnlike the free preferences, its too vague, there are never ending ideas to choose from that my mind gets too tired what to choose, what to combine just to end up with a good theme that suits their blog personality….

FREE banner/logo design is still open…for interested parties contact me, and refer to my contact me page.

I hope you’ll give me preferences! 😀

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4 thoughts on “Busy with Designing FREE Banner/Logo Offers, Miss Me?

  1. why arent you charging people for your services? You need to get something in return for all the hours you put in. Has anyone made a donation or anything to say thank you?

  2. I just want to practice my skills on graphic designing that is why I am not charging for anything…So far, none of them has offered donation in return but a simple post about me that directs to my blog will be fine… 😀 There are several people who offers to put my link on their blog and there was even one who offered to put me on her blog’s footer as a recognition of my FREE design…it’s just that she asked for a header instead of just 125×125 banner/logo.

    It’s fun to help and give something for people and very pleasing to find more people that offers something in exchange of what I did. I am pleased to help them out specially those who asks nicely because in a way, I am enhancing my skills doing banners/logos. I’m not gonna do this for a long time though, I am just awakening my graphic skills… 😀 They just got to take advantage of it while I’m doing it. Also, its Christmas Season, I might just be doing this until Holiday Season, probably next year, I’d stop doing it for free…but for now, I’m still offering it for free for those interested, though it takes time because I am working on several requests. I am on “First come, First serve” basis, that would be fair for everyone, right?

    Well, thanks for asking Gerri! You’re such a concern blogger, keep it up!
    Happy Holidays! By the way… 😀

  3. Hello people, I just want to share some bunch of FREE designed banners and logos I have done for interested parties…

    Here’s Atif’s Health Blog Banner

    There will be more banners and logos coming up… 😀

  4. I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my problem. You’re wonderful! Thanks!

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