Who are the burned out backpackers, you’re probably thinking? I asked myself if I will ever get burned out backpacking?  Why would I? It’s fun, it’s awesome, it’s adventure.  All you have to do is travel around indefinitely, aimlessly, just following where your instincts want to go, discover things you never thought you will or learned something you only dreamed of doing(and thought it was impossible).  I thought  then, NEVAH!

I met lots of long time travellers too, backpacking all over the world continuously for years and some of them said, they will soon have to stop, go back to their country and work, or settle somewhere to live (whether in Southeast Asia or Europe or somewhere away from their home country).  It is fun going around, meeting people, doing things, exploring languages and cultures but when you’re doing it for so long, you will get burned out, bored.

Bored?!  Well, yeah…funny how I thought then “How the hell would that kind of lifestyle bore you?”  I think, its not how but when it becomes your routine, no matter how adventurous your routine is will become normal to you and soon will bore you.

Did I felt the same?  Hell yeah!  The first time I went backpacking non stop for more than a year and a half Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific, slowly got me bored and tired hopping places to places that I thought I want to settle down (good thing I didn’t).  I went back to Philippines and wanted something new, but I know travelling will always be a part of me.

I went working in Singapore, but then again after few months of draining myself working and thinking about the visa stuff, I started travelling again and that time I was bold enough to do it alone.  Once again,  the travel bug’s venom was triggered in my blood and it was stronger.  Stronger, because even after 3-4 months backpacking solo I still have to go and do flashpacks here and there.

My passion to see the world is still there, and I don’t know when or will it ever stop burning in me but true to the title, burned out backpackers will always look for adventure, just need to break the routine!

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