Most people that suffers low self-esteem are missing a lot of opportunity.  Generally, people like this had a bad childhood experiences and often, they were their own worst critic!

Low Self-Esteem Indicators

Few indications that one suffers low self-esteem are:

  • Fidgetty.
  • Avoids eye contact.
  • Uncomfortable in crowds.
  • Holds grudge or guilt, and keeps judging him/herself.
  • Frequently looks down.
  • Bad body posture.  This tells how un-confident the person is, body language.
  • Very timid.  Speaks only when necessary with few or exact words.

These are just few of the traits of low self-esteemed person according to my observation.  These traits inhibits the person to do what she/he really wants.  The person has programmed her/himself to control her/his intuition and gut feeling, as well as to react on certain situation.

Turning Weakness to Strength

Some people have mastered their traits that they also learned how to masked their being low self-esteem to their benefits.  These type of people will easily adapt and get out of the low self-esteem phase as they notice the changes to their lives.  Making their weakness works with their benefit will soon go away, and will be replaced with real confidence and great personality.  Simply because they accomplished a mission healing themselves from their weaknesses and working it out as their tool to turn it around as their strength.

The video above gave us the benefits of building self-esteem, also not mentioned from the video, being confident on whatever you do improves your character and personality making you look better and feel better as well.

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