As I travel along Southeast Asia, my favorite stop was Singapore.  Maybe, not for westerners but for someone like me that was born in a country with totally different way than the western world, Singapore has become my favorite stop.  They say it is where East meets West because it has mostly  Asian population and culture, the good governance and how organize they are, is almost living in a western country.

I love it.  I love everything about Singapore.  The people (who, in the beginning I find so strange because most locals does not smile at first), their ways, their politeness and coolness are just few of the things that made me realize that it is my favorite.

Not to mention how multicultural they already are.  Easy life, easy living.  One more thing is that they are all about fashion, looking good, feeling good.  Most of the locals care how they look, leaving them hunting for the trendiest clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, etc.

The answer to their demand?  Bugis Street.  Yes, Bugis has every fashionistas in Singapore is looking for. Not just that, Bugis is the budget fashion hub.  Fashion items varies from a $1 SGD and up, but not more than $100 SGD.  This was my paradise when I was in Singapore.  The first time I went there with my family, I bought 10 earrings for $8 SGD, and they were all the earrings I always wanna have.

Clothes varies from $5 SGD, shoes from $7 SGD and up.  Young local fashionistas flea to Bugis Street to get the best deals and trend, that is why it is always packed with tourists, locals, and even minority migrants.

Even if you ask anyone, for the bargain fashion items they will say straight to you that you should go and see Bugis Street.  Although, there are some budget boutiques that are opening in Singapore specially at the Orchard area like Forever 21, Topshop, Zara, and the like.  Still, nothing beats Bugis!

So if you wanna go and do shopping galore then Bugis is the place to be!

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