I had amazing 3 days in Davao, err, technically 4 but less the travel time it comes down to big 3.  I booked August 1-4 and arrived at around 2PM in Davao City first day of August, I know you are wondering how much did I spend on that trip?  I am now about to tell you, I will break down my expenses from Manila-Davao-Manila.

DAY 1 – Half Day Tour = Php789($18.79USD)

Php66 – Taxi van from airport to FTC Tower @ Green Windows Dormitel (regular taxi meter Php150 on that route), Split the cost among the 6 of us.

Php188- Dorm rate for a night.  Mixed dorm.

Php28- Late lunch. Rice and Dinuguan.

Php352- Bought some groceries at the local supermarket to save(Two 1.5L bottles of water, brownies, chips, and sunblock).

Php100- Shared with Net since she was with her baby and she’s touring me around, can’t take the local transpo.

Php75- Hot Choco at a classy cafe “Cafe Demitasse” where Net and I went to hang out ’til midnight.


  • Walked around the town, went to the mall, buy groceries.
  • Sto. Nino Shrine
  • Jack’s Ridge, had dinner there.
  • Cafe Demitasse for a chat with Net.

That was my first day round up activity in Davao City. I know it was a bit lavish buying a sunblock, I didn’t bring my one because it was always raining in Manila.  I didn’t think that it was that hot and humid in Davao. Now, let’s go on to the next day’s budget breakdown.

DAY 2- Going on a Maa Adventure = Php714 ($17USD)

Php188 – Dorm fee

Php30Porksilog (Pork+Sinangag+Itlog = Pork, Fried Rice, Egg) Breaky at Nitini’s

Php26 – Php8 jeep to Magsaysay Park+ Php10 Trike ride(optional, the old guy wanted a sale for the day)+Php8 to Maa (alight at the Phoenix Road).

Php300 – Zip City Adventure with Php100 consumable food and drinks at Dencio’s Restaurant.

Php33 – Motorbike fee back to FTC Tower(Php25) + Jeep(Php8)

Php62Pastil meal with BBQs and shared 1.5L of Coke with Seng and Net

Php35 – Videoke (split Php100 with Seng and Net)

Php40 – Cali Shandy drink at the Videoke place


  • Checked dive schedule with Carabao Dive Center at 9am
  • Went from the dive center to Maa area for the Zip Lining Stunt
  • Unexpected FREE adventures at Crocodile Park, Tribu K’Mindanawan, and Butterfly House
  • Tried Cotabato’s Pastil Meal
  • Seng and Net ate Durians
  • Videoke Night Out

Day 2 was really fun, and was supposed to be way hell of a fun day if I gave in to their more freebies.  What am I talking about? The air soft, zorv, waterball, and Maxima water fun that I have to turn down because Net arranged someone to take care of little Franco just to meet me that afternoon.  So, I have more fun activities to do when I go back I think.

Day 3 – Scuba Diving and Tattooing = Php1808.50($43.06USD)

Php188– Dorm fee

Php29Kinilaw grilled pork and Rice meal for breakfast. Kinilaw is any dish added with vinegar, chopped onions, calamansi, and sometimes fresh garlic.

Php850 – Scuba diving fee inclusive of underwater photos, wetsuit, equipments, and boat rental.  Whole day activity(7:30AM-5PM).

Php97.50 – Packed lunch we bought at the back of the shop with 1L of bottled water.

Php16 – 2 Jeepney rides back from the dive center to FTC Tower.

Php45 – Big dinner at Nitini’s, 1.5 cup of rice, shared a BBQ Chicken leg with Seng and 2 sticks of street BBQ (chicken intestines).

Php500 – Budget for my tat

Php50 – Share with the guys during the Seawall Park hang out, includes 2 Baluts and motor ride.


  • Snorkeling, swimming, and scuba diving with DENR eco-heroes.
  • Big Dinner. We needed it from the diving activity, Seng and I were ate like monsters!
  • Tattoo session.  It went for 3 hours and yes, it was, f*ckin painful!
  • We went to hang out at the Seawall Park on my last night in Davao with Vergel, his friend, and Seng.  We ate Baluts there too and I had two!

That was my last active day in Davao City, I decided to have a pretty laid back 4th day after a hardcore Day 3.  Good thing as soon as I woke up in the morning, I already had a shower, texted my cousin Dei and they were about to leave going to the airport because one of their team mates is leaving early.  So, I went with them already.

Day 4 – Leaving Davao = Php276($6.57)

Php12Bibingka for my breaky. Bibingka is a local pancake made from rice flour, eggs, coconut strings/bits, and normally with cheese on top(that doesn’t have cheese though, it’s Php12 for god sake! maybe if it was Php15 they’d have it). I still have bottled water from my grocery.

Php50 – We paid this to Air Asia Free Shuttle Service.  The lady said, we can get the free service only if we ride the ‘Victory Liner’. The amount will be deducted from the bus fare.

Php89 – Bus fare from Marquee Mall to Pasay Terminal (Php139 is the original bus fare).

Php15 – Jeep ride from Pasay directly to where I live.

It was a cool 3 days in Davao that I thought I would be extending.  3 days isn’t enough, I have lots of things I spared doing just because it couldn’t fit into my schedule(I don’t have itinerary as always) even if I don’t have itinerary!  The whole trip costed a total of Php3587.5o($85.42USD), could be cheaper if I didn’t splurge a bit there.  Anyway, I am looking forward going back to Davao City!  I hope this post have helped you guys budget your trip and that, it is really possible to travel around, do a lot, the cheapest way possible.


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4 thoughts on “Budgetting The Davao Trip

  1. This page (and your other Mindanao pages) are going to be really useful for me this week. So far I’ve just been to Eden Nature Park where there’s a smaller zip-line, but maybe Zip City’s on the cards! I’m trying to eat local food as many meals as possible too.

    1. OMG, you’ll enjoy Davao! I fell inlove with the city and I would definitely go back. There’s one big popular zip lining place there that is called extreme something but it was the longer and higher zip lining equipments! I would wanna go there but I can’t just get what I want from people who are just giving me free stuff. 😀 Have fun, Dave, food there is awesome too. There are buffet that costs from 100-200 PHP but worth it, varieties are from seafood to grilled meat, you’ll never go wrong in Davao. People are also amazing! 🙂 Enjoy!

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