(Dominic Best in the Philippines : http://domthetraveler.blogspot.com)

Surfing the web and Social Networking one super early morning off day from work, I came across this interesting video of Dominic Best.  Dominic is one of the Budget Backpackers who travels around (hmm…but so far I know he loves Philippines! All of them love Philippines!).  Every time I meet foreigners who loves my country, deep inside me, I salute them.  It is because I know my country in and out, fellow Filipinos abroad when asked about Philippines will say mostly negative things about anything which makes me sad, although I understand where they are coming from.  Still, I’m a proud Pinoy (slang for Filipino)!

When I began traveling solo, that’s when I learned more about life and just like us Pinoys, foreigners are the same to their own land (think negative about their own country). I think its because we tend to see what we don’t have rather than appreciating what we have.  I am guilty! Don’t worry, but I’m slowly learning to appreciate what I have, what we have now.  That is why I am delighted to hear people like Dominic praise Philippines and appreciate the country like its magical(and I know now that it is).

Not only that, he made a video about the Philippines too! Well, the group of budget backpackers came up with this and I personally love it that is why I have to contact them for the permission of featuring this here on my blog.  Luckily, I got a quick response with their ‘yes’ (that is coming from Kenneth, one of the Budget Backpackers crew).  Read more about what Dominic says about Philippines on his blog and watch how he describe the Philippine experience. Those places he went by the way were Manila, Sagada(rice terraces and hanging coffins) and Boracay(white sand beach).  They should have gone to Bohol and Legazpi for swimming with the whale sharks and dolphins! Also, I love the balut eating part as well.

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