(Buddha in its Summer Clothes)

Fashionistas or not will always have to deal with fashion.  We all think of what to wear to look good whether we have a budget for it or we’ll just settle for what we have, either way we still try to look good and protected.  Perhaps its not just us who have to think about fashion, and true to that statement Buddha has his own fashion too! but unlike any career woman’s fashion out there.

(Image courtesy of art.com)

What’s The Purpose of Clothing?

You read it right, Buddha has his own fashion.  Wait a minute, before you imagine Buddha as a vain personality, let me ask you what is the purpose of clothing?  The main purpose of it is to protect us from external aspects of the environment such as climate change.  Clothes protect us from heat or cold, and the 21st century has made clothing more useful to protect us from any adventures we want to do, so gears, uniforms, suits, and even flip flops were made for those reasons.

Since you read about the different purpose of clothing, it is the same reason Buddha used for his fashion.  I noticed from traveling Buddhist countries that it wore different style of clothing and that triggered my curiosity if that has to do with different cultural mythological character that they have or whatever.  I found out that aside from having different Buddha hand gestures, the clothes varies depending on the season.  Just like how we need to change clothes when seasons change too (make sense), but what makes it cool is that they have to dress the statue of the appropriate wardrobe for the season!  So cool!


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