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(Tyra and Teyona, Winner of ANTM Cycle 12)

Britain’s Next Top Model Fever

Yes, Britain’s Next Top Model Hitting Real Top!  Why?  From the original makers of the show which is America’s Next Top Model, Britain is getting more and more popular than the original online.  I can’t believe it until I searched for it, and Britain’s Next Top Model searches is way hitting the top.


From the searches of 15,000 a month against the America’s Next Top Model searches of 2,300 a month?! Unbelievable, but Britain’s Next Top Model is getting more and more popular than the original.

Next Top Model Theory

I have a theory why.  London is within Europe, which is the World’s Fashion Continent in the World neighboring the Fashion Capital of the World, Milan and City of Lights (and Love), Paris which is the home of the Haute Couture.  What is the connection?  More designers within the area eyeing for the best models to book here and there to catch up the demand of their fashion shows going on around the world.  Fair theory, hey? What do you think?

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