Two weeks ago, JJ, one of the Thai teachers went to the foreign teachers room and asked me if I am interested to join her over the radio station.  I thought it was just some radio lab because we were in the college.  I said ‘yes’, and she asked me to visit the radio station on my free time.  So I went the following week during my free time and talked to Woody because JJ wasn’t around, about JJ’s invitation.

Woody arranged a schedule that would be convenient on both parts for a live broadcast.  He said it will just be an interview on air about me, my life, my teaching job, and what’s life for me before I decided to live in Thailand.  The day finally came, Friday, and my Friday schedule is always loaded but I managed to show up on the appointed time courtesy of Nikki’s reminder.  As soon as I finished my first class, I ran to the radio station building at the back of the foreign teacher’s room.  Third floor, as I was instructed, and there I saw a huge sign over the left glass door saying “R Radio Network 107.5 FM” and entered it.

(Me and Woody taken with Woody’s phone)

Woody, the Thai DJ asked me to wait as he set what the program will be.  It was just an interview about myself, what was my life before becoming an English teacher in Patthalung, and for some reason they want me to explain what was every English songs I requested means.  I requested Adele’s “Chasing Pavements”, “Someone Like You”, and Maroon 5’s “Payphone”.  It was actually a cool one hour set, then I plugged my blog on air and thanked all of them and bid my goodbye.

I wanted to take few photos in the booth but Chris’ android was drained, so since Woody took some photos of us in the booth too, I just requested for a copy if it could be sent to my email.  Woody asked me if I can do it every weekend, to DJ he meant, because I remember JJ (his boss) talked to me about making my “DJ LA or DJ Lyn”.  We were actually talking about it but I didn’t think they were serious.  They seem are, so now I am still thinking if this is something I could do on my free time if the offer will be more interesting ;).  Anyway, the experience was a lot of fun.  Woody was so nice and cool to have me there at the station.  Thanks JJ and Woody!


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2 thoughts on “Brewing Filipino DJ in Thailand, It Should Be Awesome!

  1. That is very exciting being on the radio. It reminds of my time at University when I was heavily involved with student radio.

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