Well its breakfast time in Hue (Vietnam), one of the old cities in Vietnam. If you have not been to Vietnam before it surely is one country in Southeast Asia that is different to the rest. Okay back to breakfast i found a nice little restaurant in an ally near Thai Binh Hotel.

The restaurant was called Family Restaurant, a cute small family owned and run restaurant.

What i ordered was Home Fries which is a combo of eggs, bread, salad, french fries with onions, 2 coffees and 1 fried vegetable rice. All of which came to a total of 40,000 dong which is like $2.50… Talk about food fit for a king!

(16000 Dong is one dollar)

YUM…. Check out the images below of the Breakfast in Hue, Vietnam

coffee in hue 4000 dong

Hue Coffee (above)..Yum.. 4000 Dong

home fries in hue 15000 dong

Home Fries (above) 15000 Dong

fried vegetable rice 14000 dong

Fried Rice (above) 14000 Dong

As you can see i was very full… Now i need to walk this off lol…

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