As the runway is busy at the moment for the Spring/Summer 2010 Collections, obviously sizzling and hot for summer all time trend is the Boyfriend Shorts a.k.a. Short Jeans.  From the last trends of Jeans Trend edition, skinnies were transformed from skinny jeans to ripped jeans.

This is not yet the end of the Jeans Empire, it is not long ago when the boyfriend pants was on and trendy.  Fashionistas are stealing or sneaking up to wear their boyfriend’s jeans to be trendy and fashionable…  For those who bought one, or bored from that trend, the new Boyfriend Shorts are hot for renovating the old fashion to new fashion.

Do it yourself, cut the old boyfriend’s pants.  Don’t worry about the cut, let it be because ripped fashion has it own style and appeal to rugged and stylish appearance.

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7 thoughts on “Boyfriend Shorts – Summer Trend Update!

  1. Cute! I might gonna check my closet for old pants and make it into a short. Thanks for the tip. First time here but I will surely be back.

  2. Hi Lyndsay. I checked out the website that you gave me, I was drooling and lusting with all the stuff in there. Is it your shop? Thank you gurl! I was so psyche to have found it. 😀 Many thanks.

    1. Hi Reesie,

      Yep, it is my shop! I can give you a gift for every $100 sale(excluding shipment) you can refer to my shop until I get my affiliate program up, at the moment I will give you a $10 worth of Discount Clothing Shop credit. How about that?

  3. I so have one of these, waiting to get out of my closet come March. But these are great for sunny lazy afternoon strolls too anytime of the year. thanks for posting! Oh, and I’d love to feature some of your posts in my blog from time to time too!

  4. This is cool! I’ve been wearing these things since I was a kid, Glad to know they’re back in style. 🙂

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