(Houaysai border under water)

Traveling by bus through the borders is the most common because it’s the cheapest way to do it, but there’s another interesting way to do it and cheap too, by the boat. It is cool to border cross by boat from Thailand to Laos. From Chiang Mai, we traveled by van further up to a small town called Chiang Khong. It costs $20 USD to cross the Mekong River to Houaysai, Laos and from there you can get a 30 day visa for $30 USD for foreign tourists, visa for ASEAN member citizens does not have to bother.

(Houaysai, Laos Immigration Office submerged)

It was after a big flood when we decided to cross and go to Laos, this was why the Laos immigration was submerged in the water, forcing them to set up a simple open air table at a higher ground in Houaysai to process all visa procedures.

(The only temple in town)

(View of Thailand and Mekong River from the temple top)

The town of Houaysai is just a little border crossing town, nothing to do. All they have are few guesthouses for border crossers and few good restaurants. There was also one temple with several steps where up the top you can have a good view of the Mekong River and Thailand’s nearest town, Chiang Kong.


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