Head accessories are important for emergency bad hair days and they do help us a lot to look great even when our crowning glory is going crazy!  There are several tips I wrote which is 8 Bad Hairstyle Solutions to Keep Looking Good that you can read about if you happen to be suffering for one.

One of them were HEADBANDS.  Yes, headbands.  We all know that headbands have been very useful for our everyday life using them in the morning and night to wash our face and pulling our hair up when putting on make up and the other beauty rituals.

What else? it has been a fashion accessory as well even without bad hair days, it can simply be worn for a style.  The most popular for fashionistas is to wear it BOHO Style, the Bohemian look or a.k.a Hippie Look is always the best in wearing accessories whatever it is, that is why celebrities are going gaga over them, so why not if it makes you look good?

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