Yesterday, we (with Timon) woke up early for the Boat Trip ($8 USD), 8:30am when they rang us up in the room because the service has arrived. We were the first been fetched, so we got the front seat. 😀 Then when everyone was on board, they brought us to Nha Trang’s Pier, waited for 2minutes and we aboard the Nam Phuong Boat No.4.

Boat Tripping in Nha Trang!!!

Nha Trang’s Pier

Boat Tripping in Nha Trang!!!

And the Boat Tripping in Nha Trang begun!!! We went Island hopping (3 Islands), we started to the Aquarium Island, entrance fee of 35,000VND ($2 USD) and we were left there for 45 minutes to enjoy the scene, it wasn’t so big but its cool.

Boat Tripping in Nha Trang!!!

Aquarium Pirates’ Island

The Aquarium has different sea species in different aquariums, souvenir shops, restaurants, and outdoor fish feeding.

Boat Tripping in Nha Trang!!!

Outdoor Fish Feeding Area

From Aquarium Pirate’s Island, we head to another Island for snorkeling, it is amazing how great it is. After snorkeling we had our Free Lunch, table filled with sea foods, noodles, soups, bread, rice, omelette, dumplings, etc… shared by everyone on the boat! Yum yum!!!

Boat Tripping in Nha Trang!!!

Food Time

The table is amazingly filled with this food. The table is a convertible seats too. After food time, people are ready for Happy Hour… 😀 We had singing and dancing on board while waiting for our food to settle down…

Boat Tripping in Nha Trang!!!Boat Tripping in Nha Trang!!!

Happy Hour Party

After the food went down a bit, everyone was ready with the floating bar! I only took a photo of the event before we went in the water, and we we’re the first ones to jump for it… What I can do? I love swimming!

Boat Tripping in Nha Trang!!!

Floating Bar

Yep, I took a sip and passed it to Timon… 😀 I really don’t like drinking alcohols. They offered red wine with a little piece of Pineapple in it. It’s cool, but swimming out in a calm area of the sea is cooler.

Then from that we went to the Vinpearl Island and swam there, it’s really cool there. I had fun swimming (again, I know! lol Timon didn’t at that time :D), it’s a lot enjoyable to swim there because it’s not deep and yet calm and clear. That was my favorite part, I swam the whole stay.

Boat Tripping in Nha Trang!!!

Boat Tripping in Nha Trang!!!

Vinpearl Island

I’m a mermaid, how could they stop me to swim? lol Although, I can’t swim far and deeper than what my height is in a massive uncontrolled water, like sea or ocean. I’m that specific kind of mermaid! hahaha! They might gonna get me again to live into the underworld. 😀

Anyways, kidding aside… The trip is courtesy of Timon, he made a deal that if I passed my traffic at a certain amount of traffic for my blog, we’ll celebrate, and that was the treat! Thanks Timon, I enjoyed it a lot!!!

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  1. You was really an enjoyable time in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Hope you will come back Vietnam in the near future.

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