December 5 is a holiday in Thailand, celebrating the King’s birthday, everyone’s got their time off.  For us foreign English Teachers, Pi Noi organized a trip to the natural pride of Patthalung.  First stop was at the Thale Noi’s Waterbirdpark, although I wasn’t that keen on that first one on the itinerary since we’ve been there last week we still have to do it for the others that hasn’t been there, we ended up getting two boats for 13 people.

(Fellow teacher’s boat)

(Strange flower from the lake)

Pi Noi, our guide, offered if we want to do the boat ride, she asked Chris and he agreed.  Although I wasn’t really up for it because of the reviews I read about it, paying 400THB isn’t worth it they said we still ended up doing it.  True to the reviewers words it wasn’t worth the price.  Sure, it looks good on photos and for this blog to share but it isn’t worth 4ooTHB.  The short Water Village tour in Brunei was way worth it than just a boat ride to see waterlilies and few migratory birds around the area.

(Few fowls seen at the area)

Don’t worry I won’t disappoint you, I’d share the photos with you guys.  I hope you enjoy it!


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