(My room in Banana Botique Hostel)

There are a lot of backpacker places in Penang at the Core Zone area with prices ranging from 25- 50 RM for a dorm room, not bad.  Although during the time I was there, I stayed in a nice hotel which was included in the visa run package.  Two breakfast, a dinner, and lunch on the way back was included.

(Traditional Malay Lobby)

Banana Boutique Hotel is the name of the place.  It was nice and spacious, they gave me a twin bed room all for myself, with coffee maker, free instant coffee and tea, nice bath tub, LCD screen cable TV, air-conditioned, and with water heaters.  The hotel has a nice traditional Malay feel to it which I love.

I didn’t have any photo of the food but it was breakfast buffet when we arrived.  Choices of Asian and American breakfast all warm in each chafing dish. There were porridge, sausages, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, baked beans, toasts, butter & jam, fresh fruits, fresh orange juice, coffee or tea, dumplings, and fried spring rolls.  It was a morning feast for us.  Lunch the first day wasn’t included though, so I ate outside.  Of course backpacker style, street food time!

(Nasi Lemak and Red Syrup Lemonade)

What is the safest and most common food I always eat from the street? Nasi Lemak!  That is Fried Chicken and Rice for English Speakers out there, and I paired it with their Red Syrup Lemon Juice for 5 RM (1.54USD).  Fried Chicken and Rice has gone a long way with my traveling, from a way to have met new friends in Krabi, the budget meal in Brunei, it’s just everywhere in Southeast Asia. The nice Indian dude was nice enough to put curry sauce on top of my rice (but I am not fond of curry, still I ate it. I’m hungry for god sake!).

(Reminds me of my maternal granny)

The dinner I had from the hotel was choices from a short list of menu, but what appealed to me that time was the Beef in Black Pepper Sauce paired with Orange Juice drink.  I loved it, just like how I love Thai 7 Eleven’s Black Pepper Chicken Burger.

The breakfast by the time we were to leave wasn’t buffet anymore because we were too early, but I chose from the short list of menu, American Breakfast which is of course, toast, fried eggs, hotdogs, orange juice and coffee (I don’t know where the fresh fruits were).

(I think my cousins will remember this too from granny’s living room)

I enjoyed the stay there, my tired body from the 8 hour ride one way to Penang and the day tour around the George Town’s Core Zone by foot highly appreciates the comfortable bed and cozy room they gave me.  Not to mention that they all speak good English there and they were very friendly.

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