(Courtesy of: Cailin Callahan, her at the Ankor Wat)

January 2010 when I met Cailin Callahanin the cheapest dorm room I have lived ever in Cambodia.  It was my second day in that dorm, annoyed with the  French couple who keeps switching off the fan at the middle of the night making the mozzies feast on me( I don’t know if they didn’t get mozzy bites but it sure did to me).  Cailin came in the next day and she switches the fan on every time they switches it off!

I thought, this girl is cool!  The first convo we had was about the fan and from then on we started to hang out when we can.  Balcony chats, night market dinners, local wet market breakfast, etc.  Cailin, an early riser always do her 4am yoga at the corridor which I thought was cool (I’m not an early riser eh).

Now, let me give you a closer look about Cailin.  Here’s what she have to say on this interview.

(Courtesy of Cailin Callahan, at the the Mekong)

How long have you been backpacking?

“I have been backpacking for 5 beautiful years. “

What drives you doing this?

“The drive to backpack and explore is to immerse myself into the unknown. I want to try new foods, meet new friends, learn new languages – I want to absorb anything and everything, good and bad.

You think you will ever get tired of traveling?

“No. Never. I have been home for the past year to take care of my sick father, and though it is him that’s dying – and though I WANT to be here to care for him, a part of me dies every day that I stay here. I miss travel, and I can’t wait to get back to it.”

Who’s your favorite well known traveller? Why?

“Well known traveler? Like personal friend? Probably my buddy Mick. He starts every day with a smile. He moves through his day with admiration and respect. No matter the culture, the language – he’s able to fit right in.”

What have you learn during your travels?

“I have learned that the world is a big and beautiful place. And that yes, there is darkness – but there is so much love, generosity, and compassion out there. It’s inspiring. “

Where is your next trip?

“Next trip: SRI LANKA!”

Now, that you know a bit of Cailin, she too owns a blog that you can follow that she called “Nose Walkin’ & Trash Talkin’, Tidbits of a Mad Rambler” where she writes her every day experience.

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