BLOGGING: Hyping It Up, Becomes Controversy

Blogging is one powerful media, no filters, no editors. For some its their marketing tool, some used to earn money, and for some just a simple diary. Aren’t we all addicted to reality shows? Isn’t it the popular and the trend of today? Simply because everyone are sick of scripted shows, shows that were edited and have undergone tedious scrutiny for perfection.

I know reality shows undergo editing but there are live streaming, like Big Brother, The Hills, The Osbournes, etc… Why do get good ratings? It because people wants to watch something that they could relate to, to the real things thats happening in the real world in real time.

BLOGGING: Hyping It Up, Becomes Controversy

So, most blog is a blogger’s diary, tool to make money, some lie about stuff for their own reasons, some doesn’t. Blogging is a tool, but other people hype it up, and become controversy. Publicity. Works for both, but mostly to the other that hyped it up, not for the subject(although it can still be both working together).

BLOGGING: Hyping It Up, Becomes Controversy – Philippine Controversies

So, why do Philippine Government wants to filter it? Are there something they want to hide? Bloggers out there, write what they want to write, blog what they want to blog. Either to make money, to yell the truth, or just a diary.

BLOGGING: Hyping It Up, Becomes Controversy – Blog Control.

It happens to other countries too, not just in the Philippines. There’s Malaysia, UK, and US that happens to do the same thing. Even those countries that has their own servers, didn’t manage to pass it through. They that understand more the Internet world. Why? It’s a huge world. Its the world of truth (there are lies, but there are no filters), they write directly from their own point of view.

Do Philippines’ NTC understand the Internet world? Do they know that bloggers are blogging for years now, and they know there are alternatives to do blogging even if its implemented. They would just make themselves look stupid, because bloggers will still write about it and the world will still find out. I wrote about the Philippine’s plan to implement license to blog, please read it here.

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