In our everyday life, we try to understand how the world works, how people react to things, how to relate and live our lives as good as we can. Patience and Humility were the hardest lessons I have to learn, believe me it feels like the world is falling apart the moment you got hit to finally mark it to your soul.

Most people call it, wisdom.  It is better heard than to experience, but the experience is the thing that teach us what we have to learn.  It does not mean that we learn two things in our lives and we’re all set…  It’s not.  We keep learning everyday of our lives, that is our purpose.

Letting go is another challenge.  Easy to say that we have let go something or someone we should, but to really mean it takes a while and effort emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  The universe has its own magical force to recreate all these, imperfect it may seem but that way it is perfect.

No matter how you think that you can’t, sooner or later you will…  because you have to, your fate will push you to.  No one can control the universe, it will give us back what we have given it.

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