After all the stressful chaos about getting the visa on arrival and being held upon boarding due to my stubborn, non-planning, impulsive travel bug self, I finally landed in Yangon.  Home to Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar’s legitimate leader (okay, I don’t want to write too much about politics but I know you know her or at least, heard her name many times so I can skip my political rambling about Myanmar).

Another chaos I have to face as my flight were more than an hour delayed, the pick-up service of the guesthouse already left.  There was also miscommunication of my reservation.  The night before I arrived, I called in and asked for a room.  I was told it was all booked out on the 18th of March(date of my arrival) but they have one for 19th, I told him okay…”…But I will arrive tomorrow and I need at least a couch to stay in”.  Tun Ming, the guy on the other line said, “Okay, we have a dorm room for you on the 18th” which I was happy about, booking the room on the 29th includes airport pick up service and he confirmed it.

Maybe because of the delay which is why they left without me.  The money changer where I got some of my Thai Baht changed, helped me call the guesthouse and asked about the pick up service.  They said, it was too late to pick me up again since the service left, so I have to get a cab to get there and that because I reserved a dorm room which does not include pick up service.   I tried to explain the conversation Tun Ming and I had, same thing, I still need to get a cab because they’re not coming back for me. I paid 8000 Kyat ($9-10USD) for a 2 hour ride to the guesthouse.

I should say it was okay, the cab driver was so nice teaching me Burmese basic greetings that can be useful for me, food to try, and tricks to save money since I can fit as a local(I’m in Southeast Asia).  It was fun talking to him.  When I arrived at the guesthouse, I asked for the dorm reservation and told them I was the one left behind at the airport. I told them I’ll stay in the dorm for the 29th as well, since I was not picked up at the airport.

Motherland Inn 2 Review

Even though that pissed me off, I should say things happen that we could not control.  Despite the misunderstanding, the staff were so incredibly nice, friendly, and helpful.  Tun Ming was there to always make sure I get my food on time at the restaurant, together with other restaurant staff they were all amazing!  At the reception, most of them were nice and friendly but it was Moon, who get off her way to help me and answer most of my questions about location and Burmese facts.

Their food is served generously, actually, I can share it with another person(I have to really be a pig to finish it, although I know I’m a bit piggy, my eating phase change when I travel).  The breakfast inclusion (yes, free breakfast for everyone) is buffet and freshly cooked eggs of your choice(omelet or fried), bread, jam and butter, orange juice, tea or coffee, and banana.  Food is reasonably Burmese priced from 500-3500 Kyat.  I normally get fried rice or noodle for 2000 Kyat in a generous serving.

Dorm rooms are okay with several single beds and 2 ceiling fans for $10USD/night, rooms are from $22-25/night.  I find Myanmar expensive compared to Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.  I think it is because they just opened their country to the tourists and just like Laos way back when I first went there, everything was expensive but few months ago in Vientiane, it was not as expensive as it was 5 years ago.


(Glimpse of Myanmar)

Exploring Myanmar in 9 Days

From Yangon, I only have 9 days to explore Myanmar.  The original plan was to see Yangon, Bagan, and Mandalay but more and more backpackers were encouraging me to see Inle Lake.  Trying to figure out if my days will fit everything including almost one day bus trips from one place to another, I decided to include Inle Lake and staying in Bagan from 3 days to one day. I did went to see the Big 4;

  1. Yangon
  2. Bagan
  3. Inle
  4. Mandalay

It was a bit stressful to trying to fit everything in the days I have, but I had a lot of fun, met new friends, learned another language, got my eyes opened to another world again, and a lot more priceless experience in their country.  I will soon share the story of my experience in Myanmar here on my blog, keep your eyes watching for my posts about it.

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2 thoughts on “Blissful Discovery of Myanmar

  1. Great! I skipped Inle Lake because the bus trip sounded too stressful, but I went to the other three places. I found the Burmese to be really friendly too – they really haven’t learned how to pester and cheat tourists yet, I hope that doesn’t change when more visitors arrive.

    1. It was stressful. Unfortunately, some of them learned to be cheeky already and actually taught me how to be one as well! LOL

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