(This is a bug, not a travel bug!)

What is a Travel Bug?

It’s not a real bug by the way,  it’s a term travelers used when a person who started travelling suddenly gets addictedto it.  Wanting to go places to places, experience things, adventure, fun and sports activities… Anything that’s really amusing and exciting to do while you’re in that place.

Symptoms of being bitten by a travel bug?

  • When you can’t wait to go somewhere else to explore after few days or weeks in one place.
  • You keep researching where to go next.
  • Saving for the next trip.
  • Checking promo fares.
  • You start valuing your camera.
  • You look for better but cheap backpacking gears.
  • Most things you buy are handy and travel friendly.

My feet are itchy, I’m bitten!!!

Dang! I didn’t know, I have no idea that I was bitten by a travel bug!  All I know is that when I left Philippines last November 2010 for Singapore to look for work, work alone was my only reason.  The turn of events after that was not in my plan and how it changed me, you wanna ask how? I don’t know but  I love how it did.

I have traveled places and countries before but its all work related that I did not enjoy(which means I haven’t explored those places as much as how I do now).  I did not even consider myself a backpacker when I started backpacking Southeast Asia in 2008 with my then boyfriend, T.  I knew I always have a heart for traveling and exploring new things.  For a year and a half were hopping borders, walk, dine, and all, it trained me to have this negotiating and bargaining skills (not to mention learning a local language, particularly Vietnamese).

(Photo courtesy of Leizel Avila)

January 2011, when my solo backpacking begun.  It wasn’t planned,  I thought I’d just stay in Cambodia for a week while I wait for my work permit, went back to Singapore and my work pass was rejected.  Soon, enough I was on my way back to Cambodia via Saigon.  For 3 months, I was moving around Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand.  I wanted to go back to Laos but I was afraid they haven’t improved their means of transportation so I skipped the idea.

I enjoyed Phnom Penh(Cambodia), Siem Reamp(Cambodia), Saigon/Ho Chi Minh(Vietnam), Mui Ne (Vietnam), Bangkok (Thailand), Krabi (Thailand), Railay Beach (Thailand) still on the look out for a permanent job other than the part-time English tutoring in Saigon and some volunteer work I have there(teaching preschool kids English).  My mind was not in the complete travel mode, but the calling of travelling around was something I could not resist (and until now, I think it has gotten worse).

March 2011, when I came back broke in the Philippines.  It didn’t stop me to roam around specially when Nick came over to visit, I have all the time in the world as a bum so I brought him to mum’s native town, Tarlac (it was Lent, so he saw how we celebrate Lent in Tarlac which is a major scene you can’t see anywhere in the Philippines but in Pampanga and Tarlac only) and enjoyed some local carnival fair.  From Tarlac, few weeks later we went to Baler, Aurora with Leizel to surf.

When Nicky left, I had time to look for a job.  I need a refiller, I’m broke, I’m lost, and don’t know what to do with my life but I know I’m happy like that… No worries, no expectations, just going with the flow.  When I got a job, it was a little stressful pushing me to flee somewhere else and Mt.Pinatubo was my first trip since I got the job, but mind you, I’m booked 1 long distance local trip and 2 International trips already(because I can now afford it, I have a job!).  They’re promo fares anyway, I live with my name Discount Traveller, backpacker/flashpacker.  And now, just while I’m writing this I am contemplating to go Sagada or Anawangin Cove before I move to Taguig for a new life.

I thought this is just a normal travel addiction, that’s what I usually call it here on my blog, until I read other travel bloggers’ posts and just like what they have, I share the same symptoms.  That is how I realize what happened to me, “OMG! I’m bitten by a travel bug!”.  I remember Nicko told me (Nicko and Nicky are two different people with same name [Nick] that exist and will exist on my posts, so don’t confused) “It’s contagious!”, and I totally agree.  How, when, and where you’ll be bitten by the travel bug or how bad you’ll be addicted to it we’ll never know…  I tell you what, it’s really fun to resist it so DON’T!


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6 thoughts on “Bitten by A Travel Bug!

    1. lol Good that you like it. You have no choice anyway, I’ll call you however I want on my blog, kidding! Hahaha! Don’t get confused, as my friend Nicko (another Nick) will soon exist on my following posts and you my friend will exist as Nicky…lol

    1. Hahaha! Funny! Nick #1, Nick #2, Nick #3… Leizel and I were talking about it the other day… Why there’s a lot of Nicks we meet? And guess what? They’re all Aquarians! Coincidence?

  1. It is really fun reading your posts. …:-) I fully understand you. Hope to meet you one day soon! 🙂

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