Bikini Girl and Kara's Showdown

Who would have thought that the controversial bikini girl will still have the comeback stage for her with an award winning the “Best Attitude” at the American Idol Awards Night.  Well, she got Simon Cowell fell for her charm, but we saw how annoyed Kara DiGuardi with the bikini girl.

You wouldn’t think how surprised the bikini girl was when Kara showed up and start singing her song she’s singing.  The audience didn’t expect what happened next, Kara stripped her clothes and shows her bikini?!  Can you believe that? But yeah, she did it.  And we thought she will not do that, but the motivation to do that? It’s worth it.  She did that for the charity, it was a dare for her that if she can do that, they will donate to the charity.  She won it! The goosebumpsy moment was truly worth it! 😉 lol

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