DEREON is Beyonce Diet Naturelle

After the success of her movie “Dreamgirls”, Beyonce is has launch her Shoe Collection: DEREON.  Is Beyonce dieting? Nope, not anymore.  Although she admitted she did use Maple Syrup diet to lose 20 pounds for the movie Dreamgirls.

Now, Beyonce Diet is back to normal.  Yet, being part of this business she will be very busy bouncing her ass back and forth to music, movies,  and fashion business that she called, DEREON.

Who thought she would just sit there and watch her fiance Jay-Z when he launch the fashion line “Rocawear”, showcasing men and women’s shoes as well as clothing collections. No, no, nope! So, Dereon is born to compete with Rocawear! lol 😀

(Check Out DEREON and ROCAWEAR Shoe Collection Now!)

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