(Just beware of traveler’s diarrhea causing prozoa, ‘Cyclospora’)

Have you heard about Cyclospora?  Traveler’s should be aware of this as it is causing what they call, “traveler’s diarrhea”.  As a traveler, we tend to become adventurous and always game to try new things, even new tastes.  From what a traveler’s immune system can handle from where he lives would not be the same in foreign countries he/she visits, like there are backpackers who would try strange delicacies from the places they visit such as grasshoppers in Thailand (not to mention other insects are available too), cobra or scorpion wine, horse shoe crab salad, tarantulas, balut, and other foods that are totally different from ones diet.

Cyclospora, Traveler’s Nightmare

The problem is, when you’re traveling and you’re up to any food adventures the “traveler’s diarrhea” became just a natural reaction that travelers overcome.  Each recovery adds tolerance on the same food when they tried over and over again adapting to the new environment they expose themselves into.  It is best that newbie travelers take more caution in trying different food because some bacterias that are in the food maybe deadly for you.

Honestly, I get so adventurous on food as well and I admit that I get sick sometimes too.  Although getting sick would not stop me to try local foods (or street foods) in places I visit, I try to do it cautiously by using instincts and the visual judgement of the food’s preparation and ingredients.  By the way, there is a reported outbreak in US about this protozoan Cyclospora, you can watch it below.

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